Don’t Expect a General Election so soon unless…

On a side note, don’t expect the PAP to call a general election in 2015. I am sure they know how unpopular they are now. It will be stupid to call for one so soon because they know they are bound to lose more seats. Perhaps they do it in 2017 when they suck you dry and give you some hong bao money they took from you. However, the only time they will call one is when LKY is about to die or announced dead. You will have plenty of advertisements promoting the good things he did and sympathy for LHL and the PAP.


“Mainstream” Media VS Independent Social Media

As I read the news from independent and social media, as well as the “mainstream” media, I’ve realized the disconnection between citizens and the government is getting wider. I subscribe to both media such that I get views from both perspectives. Here are some trends I’ve noticed:

1.    “Mainstream” media says Singaporeans are bullies while Social media says Singaporeans are the victims. i.e. Many MPs and their supporters calling Singaporeans bullies and xenophobic while social media exposes FT bullies and Singaporean victims. Recently, “Mainstream” media has been trying to cover their tracks by not publishing the nationalities of those behaving badly while actively exposing Singaporeans on their news.

2.    Social media exposes problems due to negligence while “Mainstream” media blames it on the people.

3.    “Mainstream” media never report on the losses Temasek Holdings and GIC make while social media actively promotes accountability, transparency on our CPF monies invested in these private entities.

4.    “Mainstream” media always talk down to Singaporeans. I.e. Citizens complain too much, low productivity, Singaporeans should be grateful for what they already have and young Singaporeans are the noisy trouble makers.

5.    2 opposite views on the cost of living – Independent and international news claim Singapore is the costliest city in the world. “Mainstream” media rebutted with multiple news articles on why Singapore is not expensive.

6.    “The government cares for you” – “Mainstream” media blare it so loud on TV and on the headlines. They won’t need to do this if they really cared. Action speaks louder than words. I’m still hoping show more care during policy making and enforcement.

7.    Opposing views on the foreign talent issue – Social media shows all the bullying and ugly deeds from rouge foreign talents. I.e. Job displacement, discrimination, bad behaviours and attacks. “Mainstream” media plays them down and blames Singaporeans for being intolerant, spoiled and xenophobic.

8.    The Job issue – “Mainstream” media says Singaporeans aren’t qualified or don’t want to work in these “low” level jobs, thus require foreigners to take them on. Employers harping on the lack of qualified people or lack of Singaporeans applying for the job. Meanwhile, social media says employers are offering peanuts (meagre) salaries, FT HRs excludes Singaporeans’ cv, displaced PMETs becoming taxi-drivers, age discriminated and retrenched, pregnant and fired for biased work appraisals… the list continues.

9.    Singaporeans are under-happy or unhappy – Many or if not most citizens don’t have much avenue to voice out their opinions and frustrations, so they become the ‘minority angry netizens’ as the “Mainstream” media puts it. If that’s true, then social media should be renamed ‘minority media’ not very social indeed.

10.    “Mainstream” media is Pro-PAP while social media is pro-opposition – Everyone knows about the propaganda Singaporeans have been listening to. Recently, we have seen a lot of Pro-PAP Facebook pages and websites trying their hardest to gain social media market share. You have the FLOP and FPAP who are hard-core PAP supporters. Some of them masks themselves as sites promoting SG50, while some put up politically neutral news to attract readers etc. Sometimes, they subtly promote and support the government. I reckon when the next general election comes, you will see them morph to a hard-core PAP supporter. Many independent social media are being held hostage with a performance bond on the type of news they publish. I am glad that there are still some websites who have escaped such ruling, not because I’m pro-opposition, but because we know “Mainstream” media has been unreliable throughout.

11.    The Workers Party Farce – “Mainstream” media plus PAP MPs complain too much too shamelessly about the problems they created for them. I.e. holding a trade fair without a permit, even if the trade fair is good for residents. Social media actively rebuts “Mainstream” media but “Mainstream” media calls social media fabricating lies without justifying any of the so called ‘lies’.

Even though I’m residing overseas, I still can feel the pain and frustrations Singaporeans are currently facing. The reason I still care about Singapore is because my parents, relatives and siblings are still living there. My mum keeps complaining that she can’t retire peacefully, dad complaining about the rising cost of living, while my siblings and relatives work overtime every day and have no time for romance. If these trends continue and the government refuses to change, no good will come out of it. Singapore will be doomed.

“Mainstream” media refers to news reporting agencies owned and controlled by the government such as Singapore Press Holdings and Mediacorp. Singapore is ranked 150th out of 180 countries in the 2014 Reporters Without Borders press freedom index, down one place from 2013. See: and,44689.html

The Best Migration Plan for Young Singaporeans

If you are planning to migrate to Australia, here’s some good advice before you strike it out:


Ask yourselves these few fundamental questions and judge if you genuinely want to make such a commitment:

Why do you want to migrate?

  • Difference in values, religion or culture?
  • Work-life balance?
  • Education?
  • Family issues?
  • Securing you and your family’s future?

What do you want to do after migration?

Why migrate now and why not in x years? You can refer to my reasons for migrating here:

By the way, I am sponsoring my parents as PRs here because the social safety net is much better. Here’s a sneak peak:



How can I be eligible for migration? Download the instructions manual here:

Mandatory tasks: To be eligible for skilled migration, you have to secure enough points under the Skillselect points system. Some skills get you some priority i.e. Accountants, nurses and plumbers etc (Refer to the SOL: Fresh graduates may apply.

Second in priority, refer to the CSOL: (I got through under the CSOL)

Visas recommended:  subclass 189 or 190. There are lots of other permanent visas available depending on your circumstances. You can find it here: (Hint, select purpose: Work in Australia)

find a visa

Alternatively you can contact a local migration agent to recommend and plan with you. (Fees: $4000 – 8000) I was too busy with my work so I paid $4000 to Andrew Graham to do everything for me.

By the way, some migration agents in Singapore totally suck and/or expensive while some are unregistered. Check the register for prior complaints and price before engaging anyone of them:

Resources required: At the minimum, you need $10,000 – $11,000 to pay for application fees including the $4000 agent fee. Of course, you can do without the agent if you have the time and you do the correct things with the applications and assessment.

How much do I need to live in Australia? Well, it varies in different states and also depends on your housing and consumption requirements. I have written a few articles about it here,  here and here.

Family and spousal support: Well, what can I say, perhaps you may want to seek their blessings and support. I told my parents that I will ensure they don’t retire in JB’s or Batam’s old folks home. They will have two homes in Singapore and Australia. There’s alot of space and resources for them to retire happily. For my wife, I told her that she will have better pay jobs here and our baby will grow up happily in Australia, receive free education up till university.

Environmental adaptation analysis: I feel its important to survey the ground before you actually decide to settle at your desired location. I did mine. You may want to travel a few states before you decide on one. Check prices on food and lodging. Check if the environment is secure and check if there are jobs for you. Finally, evaluate your plan.

I didn’t expect anything out of the ordinary when I migrated. However, I did expect to experience some adaptation issues and emotional hardship whilst settling down in Brisbane. I think my wife suffered the most after falling pregnant and had to quit her job here in Brisbane. Other than that, it was all smooth sailing and we had lots of surprises! Some people will warn you about being second class citizens here blah blah. Well, aren’t we already second class back in Singapore? By the way, we Singaporeans can assimilate better than other nationalities because of our language proficiency and some cultural similarities. Unconvinced, read this.


Before you go, be sure to keep a checklist of things to pack and to do before you fly off. For example, how to quit your job? How to minimize your telco termination fees? Which bank accounts and credit cards to maintain? Get a power of attorney to handle financial, HDB and other matters while you are in Australia. Most importantly, get ready to live the Aussie lifestyle. I.e. They have longer and more holidays, and they like Alcohol. Its cheap here. Be prepared to buy in bulk for the week, learn to cook because Asian food here isn’t as good as what you find in Singapore.

As for me, my wife just given birth a couple of months ago. It cost nothing to give birth here, and we have other benefits like family tax benefit and monetary supplement (varies on circumstances), free dental and healthcare (for all of us) and free ante and post-natal classes, free house visits by midwives and free swimming lessons for baby. They even offered to sponsor my masters degree… but I told them I was graduating. Some say benefits in Singapore are still better… well then you should stay then.

As for my parents, they said they won’t be suitable living in Australia for the long term because all their friends and relatives live in Singapore and Malaysia. It would be very boring here. But they want to come and live for a couple of months, travel around Australia every year when they retire. They want to bring friends and relatives here to enjoy too!


Caning and Other unethical Punishments many years ago when you were a kid (Part 2)

Updated: Found Mr. Raymond Koh’s FB photos. You can only find him by the name of Remund Koh. He still look like an ego faced arse-hole.



Many years back, schools implemented PUBLIC CANING in view of everyone in order to preach deterrence. Back in my secondary school days at DUNEARN SECONDARY SCHOOL, Mr. RAYMOND KOH was always too over enthusiastic in carrying out the punishments on the ‘worst of the lot students.’ I wasn’t a victim as I was law-abiding, BUT deep in my heart I felt what he had done was terribly wrong!!! Not only the caning itself, but it was his behaviour that was disgusting. Those who studied in Dunearn during 1999-2002 would clearly remember who MR. RAYMOND KOH was. Oh yes, he became discipline master after year 2000 because Mr. Raja was so good at crowd control and fear mongering that he wanted to better that!

I remembered for many days or weeks, he would walk around the courtyard during morning assembly, holding a pair of scissors and finding students(both boys and girls) with long hair or fringes. One of my classmates (a 14 year old girl) got discovered had her fringe snipped off in front of the whole school!!! That’s public humiliation! I still remembered she didn’t recover from all the humiliation meted by him. Yes, she made mistakes, misbehaved occasionally, but since then she became infamous, other teachers began to pick on her, chided her for her academic and character incompetence. What would you do if you were her? Well, for sensitive ‘delinquents’ without any form of help in school and discriminated every teacher, she became more rebellious and practically gave up on learning. She got expelled from school at the end of the year. I think she deserve an apology for all the psychological and physical (cutting of her hair) abuse. I am sorry for not speaking up for her then.

I also remembered how MR. RAYMOND KOH publicly caned boys. The whip looked like a snake! A book would be tugged in above the butt to prevent the whip from hurting the spine. His behaviour right before the actual caning was barbaric and unworthy of his position as a “TEACHER.”

I knew the decisions made weren’t his but I was sure he made them his own with his antics. Many students were afraid of him and disgusted by his constant shouting, screaming and acting like a big bully. YES! HE WAS LITERALLY THE BULLY! He treated students like his sheeps, talking down to students like he was LKY. The word RESPECT was muddled in too much HYPOCRISY!

The pictures below illustrates how he positioned himself with his legs spread out and hands stretched, holding a whip like the one below. His face “am chio.” After whipping the boys, he had that shiok face… looking like he had just ‘ejaculated’ on them.

am chio = trying hard not to smile or laugh

seremban4 Whip
I understand these actions were sort of legal and acceptable back then, but that scene kept playing in my head whenever I witness any corporal punishment or beating of kids online. I am still disgusted by his actions. Anyway, I feel he should apologize at least for his antics.
Personal experience with MR. RAYMOND KOH: I was reading The New paper at one of the school benches one day when he appeared in front of me and took it away without saying a word. He was rude and didn’t think he was answerable to anyone even if he was borrowing it from me. Nope, he didn’t return it. It was just 50 or 60 cents to him. I was feeling like “take whatever you want sir, please don’t find any fault in me.”

I don’t know if Singapore schools still carry out corporal punishments and/or continue shaming kids like what happened 10-20 years ago. If any MOE civil servant or minister still preaches about corporal punishment in schools, then I hope they lose their jobs soon.

The videos below show what Singapore is also ‘well-known’ for:

Japanese TV commenting about caning in Singapore:

Public caning in Singapore:



Caning and Other unethical Punishments many years ago when you were a kid

Caning and Other unethical Punishments many years ago when you were a kid
I was lucky that my parents did not beat me in the way that crazy korean lady did to her own child. However, my brother and I were caned quite badly when we were very young as we misbehaved. We had scars and marks, and they bled sometimes. When my mum caned us, she had this rage on her face and when she whipped the rotan continuously on our hands and legs, we thought she had gone crazy!
For those born before or in the early 1990s, have you ever been caned by your parents or by teachers when you were just a kid or teenager?
Back in your school days, have you witnessed punishments meted out to students that were deemed unethical or illegal?

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The pain in all Singaporeans oppressed by the current regime.

Even though I have voiced out, or complained, its pain that I am communicating. The pain of all Singaporeans oppressed. I don’t wish for a revolution with bloodshed. I hope to see a change in peace… no matter how unlikely its going to be.

I have read a meaningful quote recently and I feel it applies to us all:

Love your wife, children and family like how your parents loved you unconditionally. We have to do good, be good and create happiness for the people around us. Work hard not only for the money, work hard for happiness. Removing negativity from the mind is the biggest challenge of all because pain and suffering always exist.

Human nature is imperfect, that’s nature. So, live your life to the fullest with all honesty and perseverance. Make a contribution, with a conscious effort. Seek no monetary reward for they are nothing better than the reward of happiness.

However, the dilemma is always there: money and greed; money and happiness; survival. Survival is pain… do it gracefully.

The government isn’t populist, what is a populist???

What the PAP really advocates:

During the 2011 general elections, most of the new PAP contestants made speeches about not being populist.

A populist is defined as:

A supporter of populism, a political philosophy urging social and political system change that favors “the people” over “the elites”, or favors the common people over the rich and wealthy business owners.


So they favour the “elites” huh… not long ago, they said a degree is useless, you can’t eat it and Singaporeans are not ready for the internet and social media. Soon, they will tell you:


In the 1960s, if you are a communist, Cold storage is a good place to live. In the 1980s, if you are a Marxist, a spectrum of light is waiting at your doorstep waiting to perform an operation on you.

If you cowpeh cowbu about PAP’s CPF and soil their pants, O$P$… PAP will sue you till you drop your derisory pants. Roy Ngerng kena already. Who’s next?

(Btw, long long time ago, it was JB Jeyaratnam vs LauLee… they met in the Cul de Sac. LauLee brought a hatchet while Jeyaratnam used just only his bare hands. We all knew who won.)

If you are not rich and wealthy, the PAP supporters and trolls encourage you to migrate. If you are old and retired, please retire at JB or Batam, its cheaper. Don’t burden the PAP.

If you are poor, better work harder, be constantly paranoid about your lunch. Else, foreign talents will replace you.

If you are sick, don’t get sick, its better to die than get sick or you will burden your family with costly medical bills.

If you are vulnerable, physically or mentally challenged, PAP defined Singapore as a fair, not welfare society, its also a meritocratic society. So, go to work, get exploited, take the pity little money and be contented with it. Even if you are not born fair, that’s your problem.

If you are a low wage worker, aim to be cheaper, better and faster. What minimum salary? PAP actively promotes a wage ladder… you will see your salary increase soon enough, in 2 years.

If you are young, a student, unless you are rich or you belong to the top 20% of the entire cohort, better stop aiming for a degree. We can’t pay you and there is not enough jobs for you… unless you are a foreign talent.

If you are dead, Lim Chu Kang is full.
If you have relatives or ancestors buried in Bukit Brown or Lim Chu Kang, be prepared to be exhumed and moved elsewhere because the PAP is going to build houses for 6.9 million people. Where should we bury our dead then? That’s your problem.

Becareful what you wish for…

On hindsight, do you think we will ever get a prime minister who truly represents the people’s interest just like Jose Mujica, who donates 90% of his salary and declined to live in the opulent presidential palace or use its staff?

President Of Uruguay, Donates 90% Of Salary To Charity

FAT HOPE HUH??? However, we do have a prime minister who has the highest salary in the world and actively promotes capitalism and makes you think he really cares for you. Do you think GIC is acting in the people’s interests? Think about it, if another political party takes over the government, will they be able to control GIC, Temasek, law enforcements or even the statutory boards fill with PAP drones? The chances are slim. When a push becomes a shove, a coup d’état may actually happen. That’s the time when democracy goes down the drain. A strong opposition must have the power to control the military and police when they take power. Currently, I don’t see any of that happening.

Do you think the PAP government believes in democracy?