How PAP will win the next general election in 2015/2016 (Episode 1): The Weapons of Mass Propaganda

Its pretty easy writing this article when you are sitting at the fence listening to both sides of the coin. Naysayers prefer a concrete plan to bring down the PAP while servants of the PAP are doubling up their SG50 efforts to celebrate and as well as informing or educating the public how lucky and how prosperous they are.

The reason for writing this article is to hope the electorate will be better informed and not be misled by potential propaganda.

PAP’s overall strategy: Influence and indoctrinate the electorate on all sides, that is things, activities and events that occupy their daily lives and influencing their decisions.


You know the government can easily change opinions and sentiments by tightening immigration policies, better workers’ rights and representation, reducing cost of living, provide more concrete welfare to the poor and vulnerable, be more transparent on our CPF investments and education polices focused on Singaporeans. However, they risk burning their own pockets if they really do that. Why?

  1. Better educated electorate = less daft voters
  2. More CPF transparency = restrict investment decisions = less dividends/interests for themselves
  3. More welfare = More money spent on citizens = less money for themselves (Selfish lah!)
  4. Higher cost of living = more rental yields and service charge for themselves (& cronies)
  5. More new citizens = more daft voters
  6. Less workers rights and representation = less trouble for themselves(employers) lah.

PAP’s Weapons of Mass Propaganda (WMP):

  1. Mass media – TV, print and internet (including entertainment)
  2. “Freebies” – GST dividends/vouchers, Utilities vouchers, CPF top-ups, subsidies and rebates
  3. SG50 participating cronies and private companies
  4. Lip services from ministers to pander the electorate
  5. More PAP internet trolls and NCMP/Ex NCMPs
  6. The Police and related(including the ISA and military)
  7. Civil Service (including the People’s Association)
  8. New citizens from 3rd world countries
  9. More grants for associations, clubs and societies(non-profit)
  10. Additional budget for ad-hoc activities and event

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How PAP will win the next general election in 2015/2016: The Mediacork and SPHorlan Special


How PAP will win the next general election in 2015/2016: The Mediacork and SPHorlan Special

WMP Action plans: Mass media

Mediacork and SPHorlan will be making a series of historical dramas, documentaries and sham debates to ‘prove’ that Singaporeans are better off than in the 1960s to 1980s when racial riots were prevalent, Singaporeans were very poor, living standards sucked, petty corruption were impeding progress and how other countries were bullying us.

Then, they will portray how Emperor Lee eradicated injustice, created equality and built a ‘democratic’ and first world nation. Currently, a lot of tribute documentaries of the late ‘democratic’ Emperor are published online, print, on air and on TV. Families and friends, including foreign nations are fascinated by our precarious history and route to first world. Many mourned his passing and the media replayed all these acts again and again on TV to enhance and manufacture more sympathy votes for his Lee Xiao Loong. Chicken and ducks (鸡同鸭讲), including cats and dogs (啊猫啊狗) are deeply sympathetic too. That’s how the effective the propaganda is.

Soon, movies, dramas and variety TV shows will be made to mask the propaganda efforts and fool the electorate. The highly anticipated film 1965, will feature how ‘Por Lum Par(PLP)’ came about and how Emperor Lee was just a simple and frugal but sibeh intelligent man. Its suspected that Lee Xiao Loong will make a cameo appearance as a fruit seller! Many Hong Kong celebrities are also slated to appear in the movie as well. I think Andy Lau will fit a deputy prime minister role while Chow Yun Fatt should fit one of the ‘villians’ like Lim Chin Siong or Tan Wah Piow. Don’t forget Nicole Seah and Thin Peiling will be acting together as feuding sisters! The movie is expected to win all ‘Golden-Cow’ awards (金牛奖) and break records!


New patriotic songs and MTVs featuring local and international stars will be created for consumers and the coming national day events.

Millions and millions of dollars will be spent for attracting international talents such as Nicky Minaj, Kanye West and Eminem to compose the music and sing as well. Millions and millions will also be spent on pushing iTunes sales and buybacks of the albums and songs created. Recently, Eminem has announced that he will be composing a rap song ‘Cowpeh-Cowbu’ for the 1965 movie.

It was rumoured that Nicky Minaj’s butt will be in the New MTV: Ana-CONNED-da in collaboration with Kanye West.

Old patriotic songs such as ‘One People, One Nation’ and ‘Count on me, Singapore’ will be re-edited, remastered, and bundled up with the new albums. Dicked Lee is helming the project. He said that the SG50 events have inspired him to edit the lyrics:

“One people, one nation… let’s con Sink-ka-porre!

That’s the way… we will be, forever more”

“Count on me Sink-ka-porre! Come on me Sink-ka-porre!

You and me, we’ll do our part, stand together, butt to butt
We’re going to show the world what SG50 can be
We can achieve, we earn money!”


Just in: Pro-Pappies private companies are making games to influence children and the bored! The key objective is to hook you up to their games with neutral themes such as ‘My Singapore City.’ Packets of propaganda will be sent to educate the masses. I suspect just before the elections, ‘villians’ in the name of SDP and Workers’ party would spring up to makan your points in the game. “Buy more credits or vote PAP to get free 10000000000000 credits!”

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How PAP will win the next general election in 2015/2016 (Episode 2 &3): The Attack of the Trolls & Revenge of the ISA

How PAP will win the next general election in 2015/2016 (Episode 2 &3): The Attack of the Trolls & Revenge of the ISA

The Pappies will be attacking your minds in all directions using the WMPs. Immediately after Emperor Lee’s death, Hong Lim park was converted to a memorial and free speech banned. The police are selectively clamping down those who insults and defame others, especially Lee Xiao Loong and gang. More and more high profile celebrities, bloggers and pages are being bribed by the SG50 candies to troll and influence the electorate. I call it the SG50 syndrome. The very first known case of the SG50 syndrome was the case of XiaaXuue (下血). The first known and only person who has since recovered was Teh Pinghui. However, his acting career may be curtailed as a result. The lesser known Mr. Brown, was its latest victim. I heard he will be changing career from comedy to Por Lum Par(PLP) specialist! Some opposition scientists such as Gilbert Goh and Alex Tan are researching for cures and antidotes. Organisations such as The Online Citizen(TOC), The real Singapore(TRS) and TRemeritus(TRE) are actively posting prevention methods and potential cures for the electorate.

The Pappies has since doubled up the SG50 infection by setting up various CON-sites to fight TRS and TRE. However, sites such as Mother-shit, FLOP, FAP and The lovely Sinned-ka-porre have seen lukewarm support.

Recently, the battles have intensified since Thaipusam. Writers of TRS were arrested for allegedly posting articles inciting racial tensions. It was suspected that one of its writers who wrote the article was either a planted mole or infected by the SG50 syndrome. Its only a matter of time TRS collapse or succumb to the disease.

Soon you will see these efforts gathering pace. Roy Ngerg will be made to pay an unprecedented $500,000(including GST) for his defamation suit and subsequently made a bankrupt. He won’t be able to contest in the imminent elections.

A few months before the elections, I suspect ‘Order 66’ which bare resemblance to ‘Operation Spectrum’ and ‘Operation coldstore’ will be enacted under the Internal Security Act(ISA). Talented and potential opposition candidates will be rounded up and detained for at least until after the elections. The media will be hush about it. Perhaps Facebook could be mysteriously down for a while and Anonymous(fake) could be enlisted to simulate an attack on SG50 sites in order to give the government justifications to arrest oppositions.

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How PAP will win the next general election in 2015/2016 (Episode 4): A False Hope

How PAP will win the next general election in 2015/2016 (Episode 4): A False Hope

Just before the elections, or just after the grand SG50 celebration in 9th August 2015, the next general election date will be announced. Suddenly, your bank accounts are being topped up with dividends straight from Marina Bay Sands! Suddenly, Chinese New Year comes earlier than expected:



迎财神 接财神 把财神投到PAP里头

Song translation:

Wealth-deity is here! Dong-dong-Qiang!(sound)

Wealth-deity enters my house! Dingdong-dingdongQiang!

Welcome Wealth-deity, give me money, I vote for PAP!

Next, government announces that fuel, food prices and rents will be frozen for the next 6 months! Government-linked companies and civil service suddenly declare additional dividends and bonuses for their employees! There is more! Utility bills suddenly nose-dive to record low levels, coupled by addition U-Save vouchers. Even my new citizen neighbour gets it as well!

Heh there is still more! Ministers and Mps suddenly appear in your estate and actually come up to your house and actually listened to what you have to say! Newspapers suddenly publish news that the government is intending to change all anti-Singaporean policies! Lee Xiao Loong really meant it! He will be staging a rally to do more than saying sorry. He is going to cry!


By election time, 1 million new ‘temporary’ citizens will be flown in from China, India and JB(borrowed). These ‘temporary citizens’ may be converted to ‘permanent citizens’ if they pass the ‘voting’ exam! A record number of PRs will be converted to citizens too as well.

Summon aunties and uncles will be taking their much needed annual leave during this crucial period while appeals and assistance from relevant authorities will be granted quickly and efficiently.

Election Aftermath

The Pappies will either win or lose. Perhaps the probability of losing will be much lower. If the Pappies win, MPs and ministers will suddenly disappear from your estates and air lifted to the Maldives for their much needed holidays. Fuel, food and living costs will then continue to creep up again. Utilities suddenly increase and public transport break down again!

Alternatively, if the Pappies ever loses, wha… can’t imagine what may happen. Perhaps, round 2 of ISA, reducing the opposition candidates or Workers’ party join Pappies to form a coalition. Low Thia Kiang could become a deputy prime minister.

If ever the opposition garner enough mandate to form government. I suspect a thai-styled military coup may soon ensue. Singapore will no longer remain a democratic nation but a true Lee-monarchy.

Good luck Singaporeans, vote wisely. Every vote counts. The end.

Caning and Other unethical Punishments many years ago when you were a kid (Part 2)

Updated: Found Mr. Raymond Koh’s FB photos. You can only find him by the name of Remund Koh. He still look like an ego faced arse-hole.



Many years back, schools implemented PUBLIC CANING in view of everyone in order to preach deterrence. Back in my secondary school days at DUNEARN SECONDARY SCHOOL, Mr. RAYMOND KOH was always too over enthusiastic in carrying out the punishments on the ‘worst of the lot students.’ I wasn’t a victim as I was law-abiding, BUT deep in my heart I felt what he had done was terribly wrong!!! Not only the caning itself, but it was his behaviour that was disgusting. Those who studied in Dunearn during 1999-2002 would clearly remember who MR. RAYMOND KOH was. Oh yes, he became discipline master after year 2000 because Mr. Raja was so good at crowd control and fear mongering that he wanted to better that!

I remembered for many days or weeks, he would walk around the courtyard during morning assembly, holding a pair of scissors and finding students(both boys and girls) with long hair or fringes. One of my classmates (a 14 year old girl) got discovered had her fringe snipped off in front of the whole school!!! That’s public humiliation! I still remembered she didn’t recover from all the humiliation meted by him. Yes, she made mistakes, misbehaved occasionally, but since then she became infamous, other teachers began to pick on her, chided her for her academic and character incompetence. What would you do if you were her? Well, for sensitive ‘delinquents’ without any form of help in school and discriminated every teacher, she became more rebellious and practically gave up on learning. She got expelled from school at the end of the year. I think she deserve an apology for all the psychological and physical (cutting of her hair) abuse. I am sorry for not speaking up for her then.

I also remembered how MR. RAYMOND KOH publicly caned boys. The whip looked like a snake! A book would be tugged in above the butt to prevent the whip from hurting the spine. His behaviour right before the actual caning was barbaric and unworthy of his position as a “TEACHER.”

I knew the decisions made weren’t his but I was sure he made them his own with his antics. Many students were afraid of him and disgusted by his constant shouting, screaming and acting like a big bully. YES! HE WAS LITERALLY THE BULLY! He treated students like his sheeps, talking down to students like he was LKY. The word RESPECT was muddled in too much HYPOCRISY!

The pictures below illustrates how he positioned himself with his legs spread out and hands stretched, holding a whip like the one below. His face “am chio.” After whipping the boys, he had that shiok face… looking like he had just ‘ejaculated’ on them.

am chio = trying hard not to smile or laugh

seremban4 Whip
I understand these actions were sort of legal and acceptable back then, but that scene kept playing in my head whenever I witness any corporal punishment or beating of kids online. I am still disgusted by his actions. Anyway, I feel he should apologize at least for his antics.
Personal experience with MR. RAYMOND KOH: I was reading The New paper at one of the school benches one day when he appeared in front of me and took it away without saying a word. He was rude and didn’t think he was answerable to anyone even if he was borrowing it from me. Nope, he didn’t return it. It was just 50 or 60 cents to him. I was feeling like “take whatever you want sir, please don’t find any fault in me.”

I don’t know if Singapore schools still carry out corporal punishments and/or continue shaming kids like what happened 10-20 years ago. If any MOE civil servant or minister still preaches about corporal punishment in schools, then I hope they lose their jobs soon.

The videos below show what Singapore is also ‘well-known’ for:

Japanese TV commenting about caning in Singapore:

Public caning in Singapore:



The government isn’t populist, what is a populist???

What the PAP really advocates:

During the 2011 general elections, most of the new PAP contestants made speeches about not being populist.

A populist is defined as:

A supporter of populism, a political philosophy urging social and political system change that favors “the people” over “the elites”, or favors the common people over the rich and wealthy business owners.


So they favour the “elites” huh… not long ago, they said a degree is useless, you can’t eat it and Singaporeans are not ready for the internet and social media. Soon, they will tell you:


In the 1960s, if you are a communist, Cold storage is a good place to live. In the 1980s, if you are a Marxist, a spectrum of light is waiting at your doorstep waiting to perform an operation on you.

If you cowpeh cowbu about PAP’s CPF and soil their pants, O$P$… PAP will sue you till you drop your derisory pants. Roy Ngerng kena already. Who’s next?

(Btw, long long time ago, it was JB Jeyaratnam vs LauLee… they met in the Cul de Sac. LauLee brought a hatchet while Jeyaratnam used just only his bare hands. We all knew who won.)

If you are not rich and wealthy, the PAP supporters and trolls encourage you to migrate. If you are old and retired, please retire at JB or Batam, its cheaper. Don’t burden the PAP.

If you are poor, better work harder, be constantly paranoid about your lunch. Else, foreign talents will replace you.

If you are sick, don’t get sick, its better to die than get sick or you will burden your family with costly medical bills.

If you are vulnerable, physically or mentally challenged, PAP defined Singapore as a fair, not welfare society, its also a meritocratic society. So, go to work, get exploited, take the pity little money and be contented with it. Even if you are not born fair, that’s your problem.

If you are a low wage worker, aim to be cheaper, better and faster. What minimum salary? PAP actively promotes a wage ladder… you will see your salary increase soon enough, in 2 years.

If you are young, a student, unless you are rich or you belong to the top 20% of the entire cohort, better stop aiming for a degree. We can’t pay you and there is not enough jobs for you… unless you are a foreign talent.

If you are dead, Lim Chu Kang is full.
If you have relatives or ancestors buried in Bukit Brown or Lim Chu Kang, be prepared to be exhumed and moved elsewhere because the PAP is going to build houses for 6.9 million people. Where should we bury our dead then? That’s your problem.

Becareful what you wish for…

On hindsight, do you think we will ever get a prime minister who truly represents the people’s interest just like Jose Mujica, who donates 90% of his salary and declined to live in the opulent presidential palace or use its staff?

President Of Uruguay, Donates 90% Of Salary To Charity

FAT HOPE HUH??? However, we do have a prime minister who has the highest salary in the world and actively promotes capitalism and makes you think he really cares for you. Do you think GIC is acting in the people’s interests? Think about it, if another political party takes over the government, will they be able to control GIC, Temasek, law enforcements or even the statutory boards fill with PAP drones? The chances are slim. When a push becomes a shove, a coup d’état may actually happen. That’s the time when democracy goes down the drain. A strong opposition must have the power to control the military and police when they take power. Currently, I don’t see any of that happening.

Do you think the PAP government believes in democracy?

The daft and the very Chinese… the rich hate you!


I was profoundly sadden as a fellow Chinese when Hong Kong Chief executive Leong Chun Ying made the following statement about the current political system:

“you look at the meaning of the words ‘broadly representative,’ it’s not numeric representation.”

“You have to take care of all the sectors in Hong Kong as much as you can,”

“and if it’s entirely a numbers game and numeric representation, then obviously you would be talking to half of the people in Hong Kong who earn less than $1,800 a month.”

“Then you would end up with that kind of politics and policies,”

Source: New York Times

When he classified the people who baked his bread, grew his rice and built his house, as arseholes who earn less than $1800 a month, he became a disgrace to humanity. When he implied that the policies and polities which the poor advocated are bad, I am sure god won’t forgive him. I’m not a Hong Kong citizen but I feel for the aspiring young individuals who participated in the Occupy Central protests.

As I reflected on his speech and the current situation we have in Singapore, I feel we are worse off. At least they have media freedom, and even though we have independence, Singaporeans are slaves of the unyielding rat race. We have become daft and easily manipulated. Then, I reflected on myself as a Chinese: What’s the difference between PRCs, Taiwanese, Hong Kongers and Singaporean Chinese? Why aren’t we helping each other? Independence is not a problem, is it? The people in Scotland were capable of deciding their own fate and leaders were ok to grant them independence referendums. Why can’t the Chinese leaders be mature about it and let their people decide? Why are they so fucking greedy?

Then I searched the web, how many independent countries are there where the Chinese controls the government. There are 3. Actually only 2 if you consider Taiwan not a truly independent country. We are only left with Singapore and China. Thanks to Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore was a miracle. Or is it???

My wise uncle once told me:

“We Chinese were made for slaves, our ideals and culture made us like that. Since time in memorial, we have always been ruled by emperors. Democracy is alien, Confucius is ancient, Marxism is dead and Communism is just a dream. Now, your government preaches Capitalism: Greed is the new capital. Kid, what can you see at the end of Capitalism? A perfect society? Kid, the Chinese race is addicted to Capitalism, we will probably go extinct in a few more generations.”

“Believe me, the signs are there… your government cares not one bit for you and immigration delivers cheap labour for the rich. They are rich, filthy and hoping you emigrate or die soon.

I didn’t believe that we were born for slavery. I told him that the internet and education have made the new generations more socially conscious and politically aware. We have people who are rising up with plenty of support online and offline, soon.

“Haven’t you seen the number of people who attended the Workers’ Party rallies?” I asked.

“Kid, one day you will realize, its the rich who conjure power. Money talks now, haven’t you understood what I’ve just said? Your ’老李‘ (Old Lee) once advocated all the good stuff for the people. Then, only some got rich and he poured scorn on the ‘useless’ rest-of-the-population. I’m sure you read his books. Have you seen his statement advocating ‘good educated’ genes? (Heh, I remembered Hitler once said that!) Money genes have gone to his head. Diversity, justice and social equality? Did the national pledge you recite everyday bring real justice and equality? Or did it make you remember it by hard and say it just for the sake of it? and the meaning forgotten?

singapore slaves

china slavery

I am sure my uncle had lost all his hopes on the opposition. By the way, he used to be a PAP supporter and always said “Lee Kuan Yew is ruthless, he is right to jail dissenters because without him, Singapore is nothing! We Chinese are proud of him. Talk about welfare, you weaklings only talk about welfare.”

It was not until a few years back when he began to read more international news and got more western influences from the internet when his stance started to change. The last straw was when I showed him raw facts written by our minister stating that foreigners are preferred in our public universities and there were only 20-30% Singaporeans enrolled there in 2010. His Children couldn’t get into a local public university and he had to fork out money to send them to Australia. When he first visited his daughter for her graduation there, he admitted that life was much better there. He said “WE SHOULD EMIGRATE FOR A BETTER LIFE”. 

He only realized he was daft and silly when he retired. He had to come out of retirement to fund his children’s university education. He has 4 children, 2 already graduated, 2 more to go.

Are your parents, uncles, aunts and friends daft and stubborn? Do they know what is government transparency and accountability? How much tax reserves have been collected and how much have been lost? How much have they spent on future generations and welfare? Do they even know what is welfare, the true notion of tax? Singaporeans, I urge you to help yourselves by educating them.

I shall leave you with 2 quotes from Tyson Neil deGrasse:

“No one is dumb who is curious. The people who don’t ask questions remain clueless throughout their lives.”

“To be scientifically literate is to empower yourself to know when someone else is full of shit.”