As of 19 May 2013, I am a Singaporean who is disillusioned by life on the small island of 5.4million. In the year 1200, there were only 3 million people in Great Britain. The Black Death probably killed about 2-3 million back then.

Anyway, I am running off to Australia, hopping to settle down there. Got myself preoccupied for 2 years earning my Masters.

To restart life from zero is unimaginable now but as I heard from those who had already migrated there, most never look back.

Now is the time to leave, the one chance for a new and better life is here, pending any last minute hiccups.

September 2013 update:

Life isn’t costly as it seems. Petrol is slightly cheaper here. Food and groceries are more expensive but there are places filled with Asians selling cheaper Asian products. My wife got a retail job paying approx A$21 before tax. Only after you get a PR here then the tax rate drops alot. See below for Oz tax rates:


As for me, I don’t think it will be easy to get a job here because unemployment is high. Then it will be in 2 years time. But my wife loves her job. She is being treated like family. She says the retail job here is super relaxed and max work hours per day is 8. Colleagues are very helpful, kind and protective of her. She said in Singapore, she has to work >12 hours a day on $5 per hour. After the designated 12 hours schedule she has to clean up the place and close shop(not waged). Colleagues are very sales oriented and heck care each other. Stress level was very high then. No time for lunch.

By and large, if you are a business owner, Singapore will be a better place to start as you will get lotsa customers walk-in as compared to Australia. The cons is rental costs are very high in Singapore as compared to Australia.



  1. needleplant tan · October 15, 2013

    i love your blog. very transparent, with alot of details in here. how old are you? please keep writing.


  2. sgdneysider · November 28, 2014

    you are in Brissy? everything and everyone ok ? (re: hailstones)


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