How PAP will win the next general election in 2015/2016: The Mediacork and SPHorlan Special

WMP Action plans: Mass media

Mediacork and SPHorlan will be making a series of historical dramas, documentaries and sham debates to ‘prove’ that Singaporeans are better off than in the 1960s to 1980s when racial riots were prevalent, Singaporeans were very poor, living standards sucked, petty corruption were impeding progress and how other countries were bullying us.

Then, they will portray how Emperor Lee eradicated injustice, created equality and built a ‘democratic’ and first world nation. Currently, a lot of tribute documentaries of the late ‘democratic’ Emperor are published online, print, on air and on TV. Families and friends, including foreign nations are fascinated by our precarious history and route to first world. Many mourned his passing and the media replayed all these acts again and again on TV to enhance and manufacture more sympathy votes for his Lee Xiao Loong. Chicken and ducks (鸡同鸭讲), including cats and dogs (啊猫啊狗) are deeply sympathetic too. That’s how the effective the propaganda is.

Soon, movies, dramas and variety TV shows will be made to mask the propaganda efforts and fool the electorate. The highly anticipated film 1965, will feature how ‘Por Lum Par(PLP)’ came about and how Emperor Lee was just a simple and frugal but sibeh intelligent man. Its suspected that Lee Xiao Loong will make a cameo appearance as a fruit seller! Many Hong Kong celebrities are also slated to appear in the movie as well. I think Andy Lau will fit a deputy prime minister role while Chow Yun Fatt should fit one of the ‘villians’ like Lim Chin Siong or Tan Wah Piow. Don’t forget Nicole Seah and Thin Peiling will be acting together as feuding sisters! The movie is expected to win all ‘Golden-Cow’ awards (金牛奖) and break records!


New patriotic songs and MTVs featuring local and international stars will be created for consumers and the coming national day events.

Millions and millions of dollars will be spent for attracting international talents such as Nicky Minaj, Kanye West and Eminem to compose the music and sing as well. Millions and millions will also be spent on pushing iTunes sales and buybacks of the albums and songs created. Recently, Eminem has announced that he will be composing a rap song ‘Cowpeh-Cowbu’ for the 1965 movie.

It was rumoured that Nicky Minaj’s butt will be in the New MTV: Ana-CONNED-da in collaboration with Kanye West.

Old patriotic songs such as ‘One People, One Nation’ and ‘Count on me, Singapore’ will be re-edited, remastered, and bundled up with the new albums. Dicked Lee is helming the project. He said that the SG50 events have inspired him to edit the lyrics:

“One people, one nation… let’s con Sink-ka-porre!

That’s the way… we will be, forever more”

“Count on me Sink-ka-porre! Come on me Sink-ka-porre!

You and me, we’ll do our part, stand together, butt to butt
We’re going to show the world what SG50 can be
We can achieve, we earn money!”


Just in: Pro-Pappies private companies are making games to influence children and the bored! The key objective is to hook you up to their games with neutral themes such as ‘My Singapore City.’ Packets of propaganda will be sent to educate the masses. I suspect just before the elections, ‘villians’ in the name of SDP and Workers’ party would spring up to makan your points in the game. “Buy more credits or vote PAP to get free 10000000000000 credits!”

Coming up:

How PAP will win the next general election in 2015/2016 (Episode 2 &3): The Attack of the Trolls & Revenge of the ISA


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