How PAP will win the next general election in 2015/2016 (Episode 2 &3): The Attack of the Trolls & Revenge of the ISA

The Pappies will be attacking your minds in all directions using the WMPs. Immediately after Emperor Lee’s death, Hong Lim park was converted to a memorial and free speech banned. The police are selectively clamping down those who insults and defame others, especially Lee Xiao Loong and gang. More and more high profile celebrities, bloggers and pages are being bribed by the SG50 candies to troll and influence the electorate. I call it the SG50 syndrome. The very first known case of the SG50 syndrome was the case of XiaaXuue (下血). The first known and only person who has since recovered was Teh Pinghui. However, his acting career may be curtailed as a result. The lesser known Mr. Brown, was its latest victim. I heard he will be changing career from comedy to Por Lum Par(PLP) specialist! Some opposition scientists such as Gilbert Goh and Alex Tan are researching for cures and antidotes. Organisations such as The Online Citizen(TOC), The real Singapore(TRS) and TRemeritus(TRE) are actively posting prevention methods and potential cures for the electorate.

The Pappies has since doubled up the SG50 infection by setting up various CON-sites to fight TRS and TRE. However, sites such as Mother-shit, FLOP, FAP and The lovely Sinned-ka-porre have seen lukewarm support.

Recently, the battles have intensified since Thaipusam. Writers of TRS were arrested for allegedly posting articles inciting racial tensions. It was suspected that one of its writers who wrote the article was either a planted mole or infected by the SG50 syndrome. Its only a matter of time TRS collapse or succumb to the disease.

Soon you will see these efforts gathering pace. Roy Ngerg will be made to pay an unprecedented $500,000(including GST) for his defamation suit and subsequently made a bankrupt. He won’t be able to contest in the imminent elections.

A few months before the elections, I suspect ‘Order 66’ which bare resemblance to ‘Operation Spectrum’ and ‘Operation coldstore’ will be enacted under the Internal Security Act(ISA). Talented and potential opposition candidates will be rounded up and detained for at least until after the elections. The media will be hush about it. Perhaps Facebook could be mysteriously down for a while and Anonymous(fake) could be enlisted to simulate an attack on SG50 sites in order to give the government justifications to arrest oppositions.

Coming up:

How PAP will win the next general election in 2015/2016 (Episode 4): A False Hope


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