How PAP will win the next general election in 2015/2016 (Episode 1): The Weapons of Mass Propaganda

Its pretty easy writing this article when you are sitting at the fence listening to both sides of the coin. Naysayers prefer a concrete plan to bring down the PAP while servants of the PAP are doubling up their SG50 efforts to celebrate and as well as informing or educating the public how lucky and how prosperous they are.

The reason for writing this article is to hope the electorate will be better informed and not be misled by potential propaganda.

PAP’s overall strategy: Influence and indoctrinate the electorate on all sides, that is things, activities and events that occupy their daily lives and influencing their decisions.


You know the government can easily change opinions and sentiments by tightening immigration policies, better workers’ rights and representation, reducing cost of living, provide more concrete welfare to the poor and vulnerable, be more transparent on our CPF investments and education polices focused on Singaporeans. However, they risk burning their own pockets if they really do that. Why?

  1. Better educated electorate = less daft voters
  2. More CPF transparency = restrict investment decisions = less dividends/interests for themselves
  3. More welfare = More money spent on citizens = less money for themselves (Selfish lah!)
  4. Higher cost of living = more rental yields and service charge for themselves (& cronies)
  5. More new citizens = more daft voters
  6. Less workers rights and representation = less trouble for themselves(employers) lah.

PAP’s Weapons of Mass Propaganda (WMP):

  1. Mass media – TV, print and internet (including entertainment)
  2. “Freebies” – GST dividends/vouchers, Utilities vouchers, CPF top-ups, subsidies and rebates
  3. SG50 participating cronies and private companies
  4. Lip services from ministers to pander the electorate
  5. More PAP internet trolls and NCMP/Ex NCMPs
  6. The Police and related(including the ISA and military)
  7. Civil Service (including the People’s Association)
  8. New citizens from 3rd world countries
  9. More grants for associations, clubs and societies(non-profit)
  10. Additional budget for ad-hoc activities and event

Coming up:

How PAP will win the next general election in 2015/2016: The Mediacork and SPHorlan Special


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