Its Better To Find A Second Home In Australia and not in Johor Bahru Old folks home!

I am writing in response to the post by Lohcifer:
Firstly, he cowpeh cowbu about his relatives who have migrated for allegedly not saying anything about Lee Kuan Yew. Perhaps they are not so close afterall. Anyway, silence can be also a form of respect if they are opposing him and his policies. In my part, I posted my condolences in my personal Facebook account as I did benefit from reading his books and more. But that does not mean I should exaggerate his good deeds and ‘porr his lumpar (PLP)’ North Korean style. Perhaps a subtle ‘Gangnam style’ will do. I believe the almighty Lee Kuan Yew would prefer that: ‘Work more, PLP less.’
I am sure our propaganda machine (govt controlled media) will be milking his death for sympathy votes come the next general ‘erection’… urghh, its ‘elections’. Dear Lohcifer, we all know that ‘the public outpouring of grief was spontaneous, nothing was staged.’ Its just that PAP is taking advantage of it as above and also banned free speech at Hong lim park.
Then Loh-ci-fer claimed that ‘There was a time when people said that Singapore won’t make it‘. If taken in historical context, that happened in 1965 and most naysayers could be dead just like his majesty, LKY. Then again, why haven’t Singapore made it by now? We are already a first world country with the highest GDP and privately developed and owned infrastructure. Oh wait, I think he meant that some people think Singapore won’t make it because we are in massive debt due to the impending housing crisis and our CPF may have been lost through dumb investments by GIC and Temasek cronies. See Bloomberg, here, here and here:
Anyway, that’s peanuts for some, I suppose we still have 229 billions worth of invested assets from our CPF fund (as at 2013). If you read the auditor’s report carefully you will realize those who set the CPF rules are the ones using the fund: The almighty government and cronies! That’s conflict of interest in your face Loh-ci-fer! Come sing it bro! ‘Count(Cum) on me Singapore!’
Next, he claimed that he had many opportunities to move overseas and he wasn’t treated as a second class citizen! Well, he could be a crony as well or a third class citizen lah! How many Singaporeans here feel oppressed, discriminated by their own government and foreign talents? Well, I can’t quantify it but the ground sentiment is very intense at the moment. How about a poll here:
In his post, he also claimed that Singapore is safer, garbage collection only once a week, shops closes early and food in Sydney is expensive. Well, you are right for the time being. Just yesterday I bought a bowl of noodles for A$10.00 (S$10.50) and it was so big that it filled both the tummy of my wife and I. Just a few months back in Singapore, I bought a S$4.00 chicken rice with plenty of rice, no cucumbers/vegetables and only 4 pieces of thinly cut meat. And it taste like shit! Yah lah, Singapore cheaper lah and foodcourt better than Michelin star restaurants lah. Win liao loh!
Oh by the way, in Australia, most people have the means to own a car. Previously I wrote that my friend Phil bought a A$3300 (S$3500) 2003 Mitsubishi Magna (brother of the lancer). He was 21 years old then. Again, that’s peanuts to you right, Loh-ci-fer? Or are you still driving your papa’s car at 27 years old? By the way, parking is free outside CBD.
He also claimed “Given how volatile this area still is and how vulnerable we still are, it is vital that our government continues to be tough”.
Heh those serving NS now, how much is your pay arhh? Or should I say allowance? ‘Peanuts’ lah! In many vulnerable countries such as Taiwan, Israel, and South Korea, they are reducing the length of NS and moving towards a professional force. I’m not saying we should stop serving NS, but we should definitely reduce it.

On a personal note, the longer I stayed outside Singapore, the happier I am. I did not say Singapore is bad but I am now less stressed. My objective now is to get my parents who are still working their ass off to migrate to Australia or at least treat it as a second home. There is welfare for the old and vulnerable. Retirees should not live in JB old folks home, its pretty much an insult to them for what they have sacrificed for the country.  Is JB safe and can the old folks or pioneer generation live in their fruits of labour? I was quite offended when Khaw Boon Wan mentioned something like that in the Straits Times (Read more here). Even after he clarified that it was one of the choices and a matter of affordability, I still think its ridiculous. It seems to me that only the rich can retire in Singapore and for the poor, JB is a better choice.

I try to be as positive as I can here. Migrating to Australia could be a good thing as well if you can get a job, I mean any job. Be it a retail job, cleaner or waiter at MacDonalds, you are paid a well-deserved minimum salary and given due respect (A$21.96 per hour, A$3.5k a month). Its ok that food and services are more expensive, then again, the income gap is narrower and the people are genuinely happier. Of course, Singaporeans are not sad lah, we’re just underhappy!


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