The pain in all Singaporeans oppressed by the current regime.

Even though I have voiced out, or complained, its pain that I am communicating. The pain of all Singaporeans oppressed. I don’t wish for a revolution with bloodshed. I hope to see a change in peace… no matter how unlikely its going to be.

I have read a meaningful quote recently and I feel it applies to us all:

Love your wife, children and family like how your parents loved you unconditionally. We have to do good, be good and create happiness for the people around us. Work hard not only for the money, work hard for happiness. Removing negativity from the mind is the biggest challenge of all because pain and suffering always exist.

Human nature is imperfect, that’s nature. So, live your life to the fullest with all honesty and perseverance. Make a contribution, with a conscious effort. Seek no monetary reward for they are nothing better than the reward of happiness.

However, the dilemma is always there: money and greed; money and happiness; survival. Survival is pain… do it gracefully.


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