Debt and Capitalism ending your identity

When you feel that “the world is rapidly changing,” societies that define us are actually converging as we speak. We will be living in a country with a homogeneous global culture soon enough. Existing traditions and social norms that are incompatible with the new world order will be phased out or eliminated. These changes are spearheaded by us through the efficient distribution of information via the internet. Have you ever wondered what will happen to our future generations? Our current socio-economic structure is crumbling: There are lots of imbalances, lots of uneven grounds. Look at the amount of debt owed by everyone and every country, it has accumulated to $54,596,000,000,000 ($54 trillion). Source:  

Besides, things are getting more expansive isn’t it? Property, cars, food, everything. Inflation is uncontrollable and inevitable. Your money is depreciating and believe me, its inversely proportional to the amount of debt we owe. You might not believe me because your government is trying its best to convince you otherwise by saying “We are trying our best to regulate inflation.” Read between the lines.

Capitalism is now the problem. It has been the problem since the United States dollar became a reserve currency. It was a temporary solution to begin with. Most governments are addicted to money. Money is synonymous with power. Many governments are afraid to cede control and thus power. Why?  Without power, they will eventually cease to exist.

I believe oppression of the masses by these governments will eventually lead to their downfall unless they themselves evolve.


One comment

  1. Moderated · November 3, 2014

    It has long been prophesied. The fake is still in power. Well, the fake is no threat anyway.


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