Am I doing a good things? Am I a good person?

Recently, a few young aspiring individuals wrote to me, seeking advice. I am sad for the because some are genuinely struggling from the rat race. Then I have this Jieqin, who is pondering alot in NS. He wrote to me seeking answers (below). I hope he find success soon.

Dear Jieqin,

I have been pondering how I should advice you. If I answer you directly or in my usual way, I don’t know if you would understand why I advised that way. I was at your age before, dreaded NS and believed that you have been exploited. As was I. But I realized the best answers have to come from within, within your lively soul.

Are you a book reader? During my lonely NS times, I read a hell lot of self-improvement books. Time pass much faster and you grow up better.

1. All you had was an education in Singapore. Majority of your friends are Singaporeans am I right to say?
How big is Singapore compared to the size of Earth, Australia, USA or Malaysia?

What kind of things you want to do before you are 30? For me, I wanted to live overseas and get a masters degree. My dreams were conceived when I was 19, in the army. Even though I had a successful career later, with some good savings, I spent all of them for the education I wanted, never looked back and loved every minute of it.

2. Yes. Check skillselect, the points you get for having an aussie degree(+5 points).

You need mentors.

Look at the skill occupant list… Some offer permanent residence after degree completion. Work visa is nothing compared to permanent residence. Job wise, a PR is considered before anyone with a work visa.

Your answer to qn 2: yes.

3. They want proven skills. Do you or will you have it? How can you get one? You may have to start from the bottom, anywhere. Never give up.

4. Refer to 2.

5. Work life balance generally better. But it depends on who is your employer. I can’t advice if Melbourne or Brisbane is better. Go where your job takes you.

6. Of course. Apply exit permit, state overseas employment, most likely they won’t call you up. But it depends how intensive your NS vocation is.

Lastly, always ask yourself these questions whenever you are sad or worried:

1. Am I a good man?
2. Can I do something good for others? Or have I done something good for them?
3. How do people rate me as a person? Am I honest?
4. Am I rude? Selfish? Bad?
5. Do I like what I am doing? Will I regret it?

Build confidence. All the best.

Thank you and best regards,


> On 21 Oct, 2014, at 4:38 pm, Jieqin <> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I randomly found your blog via Google Search when I was researching about life in Australia. Seems like you’ve moved to Australia only just last year.
> You see, I’m currently serving the NS and is intending to migrate over to Australia, but I had a few questions that I wish you would know the answers to.
> 1) Would taking up a degree in Australia give me a better chance of getting a visa and landing a job in Australia compared to getting a degree from Singapore (Digipen, SIT)?
> 2) You mentioned in one of your posts that you had to have a visa in order to even apply for a job in Australia. I take it that you’re referring to a work visa.
> My circumstance is very different. If I were to finish my degree in Singapore, would I be able to apply for a Working Visa before having any prior working experience in the field I am pursuing?
> 3) The job I’m trying to land myself in is Software Engineer. It’s listed as one of the Australia’s required skills. I’ve been searching through the job indexes from websites like SEEK. But all the listed jobs requires candidates to have at least years of knowledge.
> My question is, how can anybody find a job without first landing in one?
> 4) I’ve seen the “Australia’s visa qualification test. One of the points requires candidates to have multiple years of experiences in the particular field”. Does it mean I have to work in Singapore for a good few years before moving over?
> 5) Is Melbourne or Brisbane more suitable for an IT Field. And in either city. Is the work life balance better than in Singapore?
> 6) Since after studying, I’ll be reaching my 30s. That means I’ll still have an odd 10 years before ROD-ing. If in any case, when MINDEF activates me and require me to get my ass back to Singapore for my reservist, will the Australian employer be pissed at it or even fire me over it?
> Thanks for looking through my questions and hopefully clarify some of my worries.
> Sent from my iPhone


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