Holidaying in Singapore (Part 1): The good old Singapore


I was back in singapore from Australia for 3 days during the Hari Raya festive period. For the record, I missed singapore, the food, friends and family. I always ask myself, am I a patriot? Will I return if Singapore needs me? How much have this little island changed?

Throughout my stay here, I am always reflecting and comparing the life here and on the other side. Not that I want to, but it came naturally.

As I arrived, I was immediately immersed in the brighter lights, increased number of shops in the terminal and sighting of large crowds. My wife was looking forward to a great shopping experience while I mentally ran through a list of local dishes I will be savoring: Chili crab, hokkien mee, frog porridge and bak kut teh etc. We were all smiles!

However, the worsening haze, warm and humid climate hit us on our Achilles heel: our 2 month old baby in tow. She was sweating and coughing a lot… We had to evacuate her indoors back with my parents who live here. My plan here is to get the mother and baby to stay in Singapore while I return to Australia 3 days later to continue my studies. My parents were desperate to see the baby. Luckily, the baby was better after some extended sleep and acclimatizing.

My mum encouraged us to hang out and leave the baby to her. We would be celebrating our 4th anniversary shopping and eating out at a buffet restaurant. For the record, none of the buffet restaurants in Brisbane offered half as much variety and tasted half as good as singapore’s buffet. It was cheaper too! I can’t say for other parts of Australia though.

Other than food, many fashion products for women here are relatively cheaper: I.e. Shoes, bags clothes etc. My wife loves Charles and Keith… A low cost differentiation strategy employed for fashion success. I won’t say that all things are comparably cheaper but the variety here was making her spoilt for choice…


Tock cock sing song play mahjong here:

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