Writing a letter to someone of wisdom for career and life advice: Chris K


money and life

Dear Chris,

Thank you for the great insights on inflation and our CPF rates. I spent all my savings from a fantastic banking sales career and some of my parent’s retirement savings on a masters degree in the University of Queensland. I have ‘migrated’ to Australia but my parents, younger brothers and friends are still ‘trapped’ in Singapore. My mum didn’t want to leave Singapore after spending a month here in Brisbane. (Too boring and no friends) I can’t help it but it seems that I will eventually have to go back to Singapore when I graduate for apparently ‘better opportunities.’

I hope to seek one career or life advice from you. My parents are old fashioned, they have been living in Singapore for most of their life and I have always rebelled. Eventually they listened and paid for my masters degree after witnessing my passion for work and being a good natured person. My plan was to move everyone to Australia and now the door is open but they were all reluctant. I was able to get permanent residence for my family and even citizenship for my child. But, I am facing the prospect of returning. Its not that bad returning but I owe my parents their retirement (money and comfortable retirement) in Singapore. I have a responsibility for my daughter, wife, parents and my younger brothers. Not only I am expected to be a good example to all, I have to be successful.

My mind never gives up but my body did complain a few times. I have to train more and be more healthy. Do I have a prospect in Singapore, Australia or anywhere?


Please review my education profile:

Bachelors Degree in Finance and Management (RMIT university)

Advanced Masters in Professional Accounting and Information Systems


Data and text Mining (SAS Enterprise Miner and Guide; Rapidminer etc)

Information Systems (IS) Analysis and Design (Object Oriented Approach with Enterprise Architect)

IS Audit and Control (using conventional tools as well as data mining tools)

Business Analysis and design tools and methods (Solver, What-if, scenario analysis, regression model)

Data Definition and Manipulation Language SQL (mySQL)

Credit Analysis (Banking with 4 year work experience)

Sales (With the skin and wit to do it)

I hope I look as impressive as possible, just not enough confidence amid the uncertainties. Who should I not work for?

Thank you for taking time reading my message.

Best Regards,


P.s. I blog at https://cowpehcowbu.wordpress.com

and here’s my take on GIC, SGSS and CPF: https://cowpehcowbu.wordpress.com/2014/06/20/segregation-of-duties-required-our-cpf-temasek-gic-and-democracy/


One comment

  1. Chris · October 20, 2014

    what sort of credit analysts and then banking sales career do you have? And what make you ditch that to pursue a master degree?


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