Former Sg Table tennis paddler Jing JunHong still not a Singaporean???

Something is fishy here in Wikipedia (see picture), is Jing JunHong a Singaporean, PR or still a PRC after all these years? For those who don’t know, she is our Sg table tennis coach. I watched her play in the 2000 Sydney Olympics. I was definitely sure she is a Singaporean and home-growned. I was proud that we had achieved a fourth place finish. Anyway someone edited this article 3 months ago and if he purposely changed her nationality to “Chinese” from “Singapore” then that’s malicious. I don’t like that.
The conspiracy theory can go 2 ways, either a PAP IB is trying to stir up hatred among netizens so that the govt can justify its censorship and propaganda. Or, some incredibly stupid individual who hates PRCs did it. It could also be a PRC-loving person who did it just to prove that PRCs are fantastic table tennis players. 
Anyway, with regards to the debate on Nationality, patriotism and nurturing home-grown talent, I think buying FTs are meaningless if these talents don’t stay and grow our local pool. 
Here’s the joke of the last decade, I hope all of you still remember our beloved backdoor ex-minister Mah Bow Tan proclaiming his Goal 2010 by purchasing FTs to qualify for The World Cup in 2010? Lol
Well, here’s my fucking point, floundering money for FTs and FT scholarships are short-termed tunneled vision goals. In the end, these people will LEAVE if our society and welfare remains a wreck! Oh come on… You think FTs will stay because they are given a scholarship and grateful of Singapore? You know I just fetched an FT direct from Brisbane airport who studied in singapore (on scholarship) in the Integrated programme (sec sch to JC) for 4 years and decided leave for Australia permanently because environment, life, salaries and welfare is way better than Sg. Besides, she said many of her FT friends are not performing well in Sg schools or in anyway better than locals. Many of them want to leave after graduation. “Thank you Sg govt.” 
Bottom line is that we must improve our social welfare, healthcare system, transport, jobs for Singaporeans to match a truly first world country before proclaiming that we are first world. (

When PAP posted in their FB on how the Americans admire our healthcare system because most if not all first world countries spend way more than singapore per capita on healthcare and yet still very “successful”. What a load of crap! That’s downright stingy! We don’t even have enough hospital beds for Christ sake and some fuck-tard ex-HDB CEO is still gunning for a 10million population. 
There is a saying, “pay peanuts, get monkeys”. Now there’s an evolution to it: “pay millions, still monkeys”. Goodnight and Happy National Day!

Tock cock sing song play mahjong here:

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