Australia Vs Singapore: The Life and Society

I guess this is what everyone wants to know: Is the grass greener on the other side?

Yes, it definitely is, but there is always a limiting factor, that is, yourself and your perceptions. I will be expressing my opinion based on my perception.


You will not be a second class citizen (or resident) in Australia even though sometimes you may feel that way just because you have become a minority. I believe confidence is the key and with proper and equity based policies centered on the people, there is nothing to be afraid. I have met academics and government officials of different races and gender expressing themselves freely. There is a sense of respect and true patriotism for the country and the current government (to some extent). Of course, not everything is perfect but generally as compared to Singapore, its pretty obvious that not many Singaporeans are genuinely proud of our country’s achievements and current state of affairs. I have stated in my previous posts, our ‘white elephants’ and ‘elitist mindset’ have to go to accommodate some political and social reforms.

Where are we stuck? – Leaving “Foreign Talents”

Do you think foreigners and so called “Foreign Talents (FT)” will sustain our economy and society for the long term as stated in the ‘population white toilet paper’? NO WAY and FAT HOPE! Why? Simple, they are here for economic gain. Once the monetary benefits dry up, they will Balik Kampong or migrate to countries with better social welfare like Australia, Europe and Canada etc. They are not stupid, I have known many PRC scholars migrating to Australia after college and universities without the need to pay a single cent because they can easily exploit loopholes to breaking their bonds or fulfilling it. In the end, Singapore is just a stepping stone to other welfare countries. I bet most PRC and foreign scholars think like that. Does the government dare to do a survey on the current cohort?

The ‘fake’ subsidy syndrome

The other problem we have is ‘Suffocation.’ On one hand, our white elephants (govt) constantly remind us that we lack natural resources so our advantage is the abundance of cheaper human resource: legislated cheaper, better and faster FTs. On the other hand, the government refuse to spend $300 million on its citizens to equip them with relevant skills and certifications. This $300 million was bet on our ‘beloved FTs’ hoping that they will stay after graduation. So now we have many disgruntled young local adults, many leaving FTs and many more cheap labour struggling with the increasing cost of living, so called ‘unmanageable aspirations’ and lack of opportunities (jobs and entrepreneurships). The people are suffocating in public transports, schools and hospitals! Yah, I know lah, the G is building more to accommodate, wait a few years more. So what? We still have to pay and pay, oh yah… we will be subsidized 5 years and your costs will be offset by permanent GST vouchers. I am sure the RISING COSTS WILL OFFSET OUR SUBSIDIES VERY SOON. So why are costs rising so much? Simple economics and logic play a part: Our population is increasing, demand is higher, so naturally cost will increase lah… and besides our Govt Pte Ltd is too fucking greedy collecting fees and taxes to fill their insatiable greed for money and cover up their losses in GIC and Temasek holdings. You know why the fuck I am complaining??? Its because my parents, brothers and good friends are still stuck in the hellhole created by the Super White Elephants!!!  








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