Moyes’ Sacking: A Star Wars Adaptation

Alex-wan ferguson darth moyes

This is how I imagined the duel between David Moyes and Sir Alex Ferguson ended in Man Utd boardroom or Ferguson’s office:

As the duel between Darth Moyes and Alex-Wan Ferguson ensued in Manchester…

“I have failed you, David; I have failed you.”
“I should’ve known the Glazers were plotting to take over!”
“David, Chancellor Jose Mourinho is evil!”
“From my point of view, the Glazers are evil!”
“Well, then, you are lost!”
“This is the end for you, my master.”

“Don’t make me kill you.”
“I will do what I must.”
“You will try.'”

Moyes’ sacking:
“You were the Chosen One! It was said that you would win the league, not destroy them! Bring balance to the Force, not leave it in darkness!”
“I hate you!”
“You were my brother, David; I loved you.”
―Alex-Wan Ferguson and Darth Moyes

Adapted from:


Looking forward to the  ‘NEXT CHOSEN ONE’… a Klopp-walker!



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