Everyone else doesn’t know about Singlish

Oh crap! I so miss my Singlish!!! Its been many months since I last spoken the language I was so proud of. Well, its not that you couldn’t do it here in Ozzyland, it happens that you have to explain it to locals here word by word. I shall proliferate the art here as much as possible!

Something I thought every other nationalities knew:

Chilli Crab – Ang mohs thought it only existed in Singapore and they love it, they even sell Chilli Crab sauce in the supermarkets here. Apparently they thought we catch them off the Singapore river! The imported from Sri Lanka was kinda omitted by some sg tour guides.

Frog porridge, I realized can only be found in Sg or some say JB. Ang mohs totally froze at the delicacy. Cruelty to the max they say but I told them I had them like once or twice a month, good for health! They said they would probably get poisoned or turn into “The Thing” after eating them.

Steamboat = Hot pot (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hot_pot)

Even the China Chinese knew nothing of steamboat.

While still in Sg, Steamboat is sibei common plus its cheaper than Brisbane’s China operated hot pot. So am I grumbling again? Sg finally better than Au….? NAH not at all…

Singlish explained:

Ang mohs = Westerners



Tock cock sing song play mahjong here:

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