Mein Kampf (my struggles)

If I may, many great and notorious leaders have humble backgrounds and great struggles which build their convictions and characters. Adolf Hitler is one, Barack Obama is the other one. Both are leaders from humble backgrounds and suffered a lot when they where young. But one is evil while the other won a Nobel peace prize. Where would you put our dear leaders from Singapore? Lee Kwan Yew, Goh Chok Tong and Lee Hsien Loong? Good leaders coming from humble backgrounds? Yes maybe but any justifiable struggles? I don’t really know.

I see another great leader in the making but I realize that it could well be a long shot unless someone mentors or guide her path from the complications of life as a 27 year old lady, Nicole Seah. What she did since GE 2011 was extraordinary.

When I read Nicole Seah’s FB post on her ‘ground zero’ experience, I can’t help but wonder why would she do what she is doing at her age? At 27, there are plenty of options to pursue other interests and master other profession but politics???

I believe she also wrote how helpless she was at her love life, social work, without a mentor and not living like the young girl people expect her to be.

We all know she has done well in politics and social work. But that’s because she was young, the people see something in her. 24 and taking on the establishment, giving the memorable speeches during GE 2011 was a feat most 24 year olds won’t achieve. She has the guts, but up till now I dare say, age and sympathy votes won’t get her far, especially in politics.

Not all struggles yield good results, some take a toll in the mind and body permanently. Life becomes an illusion, Nicole may become disillusioned with life and eventually gives up! I sensed vulnerability when I read her post. Even after recuperating from her illness and emotional breakdowns, continuing the same routine is like banging into a great wall continuously! Blindly advocating a cause without a long term strategy and stubbornly facing off with the establishment may lead the mind evolving into shit. These struggles could even lead to undesirable results. Just like Hitler, his loss in the great war (WWI) and being jailed for failing to force the Bavarian government to yield to his demands in 1923, struggles which defined him for the rest of his notorious political and personal life.

I am not saying Nicole is on the path towards evil. She is still an unpolished diamond at 27. I suggest getting a PHD in political science or law could help capitalize her ground knowledge and take the political challenge to a new dimension. Then, she could really shove that “No Substance Party” crap down Goh Chok Tong’s throat in Marine Parade.

Ground experience and academic knowledge could solidify her position and standpoint. We need change, we embrace change, we need Nicole Seah!


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