6 practical and feasible policy solutions from the people.

Why do so many people oppose you? Evidently, we Singaporeans have fallen between the cracks from the unregulated, over-worked economy and mass immigration.

If I may, my vote is yours if you, as government, can do just 6 things for our rightfully-selfish fellow Singaporeans:


Public funds are not to be used to provide scholarships for foreigners. We have far too many Singaporeans who need it more than them and many of these foreigners are totally ungrateful. Our Singaporean sons are already disadvantaged with 2 years serving the nation and 10 cycles of reservists.


Singaporeans who have served minimum 2 years of national service are entitled to a 1-2 bedroom flat up to the age of 30, for which they can’t sell, or rent out. Once, they get married and purchase a bigger HDB, this flat is repossessed for other ORD personnel. I know this seemed an impossible task but I strongly believe this is the best solution, promotes independence, maturity, enhancement and enrichment of the lives of young individuals trying to start a family. Potential birth rate solution and encourages our men and women to willingly volunteer to serve the country without financial doubts.


With the above, you can then have the option to abolish conscription and enable a more efficient and motivated army. Or you can have 3 months basic training for all and volunteers opting for a further 2 years. These soldiers also have free or better subsidies and priorities in tertiary and postgraduate education. Many countries including CHINA are doing this.

You have cheap labour to build HDBs, fast. I am sure if you don’t import too many foreigners into Singapore, soon we will have plenty of 1-bedroom condominiums and other HDB rooms available for rent. The statistics are there, over-supply of condominiums soon. For the time being, the government can temporary contract / subsidize these shoebox units until new HDB units are ready to house our patriots!

Some may criticize it as an expensive operation. But I beg to disagree, when you abolish or significantly shorten mandatory conscription, you save alot on those who eventually don’t serve. This policy also helps owners too. Owners who face a reduced rental demand when you restrict foreigners, can turn to young Singaporeans who are subsidized for renting of rooms, i.e. subsidize $400-500 per month until new HDBs are built to house them.


The government land sales programme should be reviewed. The monies received are put into reserves? then once shopping centres built, rental and products sold reflect the high land prices. What’s the point then? We citizens do not benefit at all in the end. The government must look for a way to reduce start-up costs to promote local entrepreneurship. That’s job creation!

HDB prices:

2-bedroom should not be over $70k

3-room should not be over $160k

4-room should not be over $220k

5-room should be over $320K

A price review is necessary every 3 years. Transparency ensured, all stakeholders included in the review. When you have transparency, we can come to a realistic and consistent pricing. Land costs removed in the factoring because essentially we citizens belong to the land and the land belong to us.


I am sure SMRT and SBS cannot solve this: Every married couples with children below 18 years (eligible driving age) or with at least 1 elderly or disabled dependent, do not need to pay COE, charges and initial taxes, essentially entitled to buy a salon car or max MPV based on a quota set, i.e. 60% of the total quota available. They must not own more than 1 house/flat and once all children reach 18 years old, the entitlement lapses in 6 months. Balloting is used for selection and those with more dependents have more priority. Each family nucleus can have a maximum of 1 COE-free car and not allowed to get more than 1 unless they give up the entitlement. This is fair I reckon because this will encourage more foreigners (including PR) to convert to citizens. How about those who can’t or don’t want children? You still have the elderly dependents option or get a car from the open market.


More budget should be allocated to healthcare. Build modern retirement villages equipped with rest and recreation facilities.

We need more doctors right? Please then invest in more medical training facilities and enroll more locals whom I am sure many aspire to be doctors.

Besides, I’ve realized cost of medicine and equipments are spiraling out of control. I always compare prices with neighbouring countries, i.e. Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Our prices are always 3-5x more expensive. How come? Price transparency and restrictions should be enforced. Else market manipulation will always occur. i.e. N95 masks must never be overpriced.

Employment practices

We are living in a first world nation now. The PMET sector should adequately represented by unions and legally empowered for rights and collective bargaining opportunities. Your top-down tripartite partnership is skewed towards the top and if I may, partisan. Employment problems are evident and aplenty. Workers’ exploitation are rampant here! You know it! Do something!

Some may call me a coward. I have always been afraid of revealing my identity after writing on anti and pro-establishment topics. Basically I was pretty disillusioned and negative about it. Then again, I am essentially complaining about life, about things I couldn’t control. And most probably, that’s non of my business. But if I allow ignorance get in the way, I am simply selfish! A fool! The elites may accuse me of being unfair to them by posting subjective, pro-Singaporeans, anti-business comments because I haven’t seen the bigger picture or taken everyone into consideration.

“Why don’t you do the job instead? Do you think its that easy? We have so many factors to consider before making any policy changes! Heck, what do you know about policy making, what do you know about governance and urban management?” A minister might say to me.

“I have a boss too, you know? I can’t simply just do things as I wish. If you are the manpower minister, do you dare enforce 50-60% Singaporeans hiring quota for the PMET sector without considering the fact that many companies will close down and shift out? What about Singaporeans who own businesses and pay more taxes? Aren’t they doing more to contribute to the country compared to your free-will writings?”

However, I stand by my ideas and principles. I am neither disrespecting nor impeding you, my honourable minister! In fact, I am trying to put myself in your shoes, you are who we look up to. Writing is my freedom, my comments and feedback could be subjective but its relevant and rational. I do have stupid, negative and agenda driven feedbacks too, and I ignore them. But, I am sure you have the manpower to sieve out irrational feedbacks for you.

The world has changed, globalized and information efficient. You have embraced it first before us. This is the new normal.


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