The debate on money and democracy.

Some commenter embarked on a ideological debate about money and democracy with me from my previous post. I entertained him.

“All we eventually hope for is the elimination of money and where people can live free without constraints. Fantasy!”

Wake Up Call says:

There is only PRO MONEY(name me a political party that is not pro money?). Winners take all, losers(majority) eat crumbs or die quietly and willingly(deceived).

Property investments generate most wealth(or money) for everybody. Money(power to spend or consume) helps to sustain jobs.

Kill the property market( sales and rental yields), inevitably you kill a huge source of money to sustain businesses and your precious…jobs!

No jobs, no money(vicious cycle) and hence your wives and daughters have to prostitute themselves to the winners.

Only idiots think that by going to the poll, things will change for the better.


cowpeh! says:

Only idiots like you and those brainwashed in north korea think democracy is dead.

you are just plain foolish. We’ll see.


Wake Up Call says:

Unlike many of your fellow bloggers who are hypocrites or elitist, you at least practice what you preached (“democracy”) by publishing my comment( politically and even grammatically incorrect tirades).

Ask yourself honestly. What’s the use of democracy when the majority of the people(including elites/leaders) are PRO MONEY? What’s the use of going to the poll when money talks at the end of the day?

Money rules and the reason why economy imperatives demand your worship or else….death!


cowpeh! says:

I like this ideological debate, pardon me for my emotional jibe on you.

Well, nobody knows the future. Money is not a cure to all needs lest evil.

The use of democracy represents a tool for change. Change is inevitable. I didn’t say greed won’t or will be eliminated through democracy but I know for sure, our voice can be represented, our lives and security can be protected. Amid such uncertainty, if it applies to you, won’t you desire change? A change for the better? for certainty.

The concept of money as a means of trade is corrupted by our imagination. look at the world’s debt… its imaginary, all but just an obligation. Its an inherent flaw nature is seeking to eliminate.

My ideological goal is to remove the leadership and replace with one that is effective in my favour (or Singaporeans). Greed at play. I am very sure our current government should be doing things that favours you.

The basis of nationhood is securing the people living in the designated land and protecting all its citizens, young and old. The government today is selective and unpopular. the population white paper is the last straw without adequate infrastructure and public services to justify the means. We should better our infrastructure and public services before pushing for the induction of PWP at parliament. Not even a referendum is called. Its more than unconstitutional, if I may put it.

As for you, thank you for reading my blog, glad it invoked your urge to comment. Yes, money rules, but, you shall never forget, “the hills have eyes”. (We are watching!)

Last but not least, death is imperative, fear is what we are being governed now. Break free is what I seek.

Live free and die hard.


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