Mein Kampf (my struggles)

If I may, many great and notorious leaders have humble backgrounds and great struggles which build their convictions and characters. Adolf Hitler is one, Barack Obama is the other one. Both are leaders from humble backgrounds and suffered a lot when they where young. But one is evil while the other won a Nobel peace prize. Where would you put our dear leaders from Singapore? Lee Kwan Yew, Goh Chok Tong and Lee Hsien Loong? Good leaders coming from humble backgrounds? Yes maybe but any justifiable struggles? I don’t really know.

I see another great leader in the making but I realize that it could well be a long shot unless someone mentors or guide her path from the complications of life as a 27 year old lady, Nicole Seah. What she did since GE 2011 was extraordinary.

When I read Nicole Seah’s FB post on her ‘ground zero’ experience, I can’t help but wonder why would she do what she is doing at her age? At 27, there are plenty of options to pursue other interests and master other profession but politics???

I believe she also wrote how helpless she was at her love life, social work, without a mentor and not living like the young girl people expect her to be.

We all know she has done well in politics and social work. But that’s because she was young, the people see something in her. 24 and taking on the establishment, giving the memorable speeches during GE 2011 was a feat most 24 year olds won’t achieve. She has the guts, but up till now I dare say, age and sympathy votes won’t get her far, especially in politics.

Not all struggles yield good results, some take a toll in the mind and body permanently. Life becomes an illusion, Nicole may become disillusioned with life and eventually gives up! I sensed vulnerability when I read her post. Even after recuperating from her illness and emotional breakdowns, continuing the same routine is like banging into a great wall continuously! Blindly advocating a cause without a long term strategy and stubbornly facing off with the establishment may lead the mind evolving into shit. These struggles could even lead to undesirable results. Just like Hitler, his loss in the great war (WWI) and being jailed for failing to force the Bavarian government to yield to his demands in 1923, struggles which defined him for the rest of his notorious political and personal life.

I am not saying Nicole is on the path towards evil. She is still an unpolished diamond at 27. I suggest getting a PHD in political science or law could help capitalize her ground knowledge and take the political challenge to a new dimension. Then, she could really shove that “No Substance Party” crap down Goh Chok Tong’s throat in Marine Parade.

Ground experience and academic knowledge could solidify her position and standpoint. We need change, we embrace change, we need Nicole Seah!


6 practical and feasible policy solutions from the people.

Why do so many people oppose you? Evidently, we Singaporeans have fallen between the cracks from the unregulated, over-worked economy and mass immigration.

If I may, my vote is yours if you, as government, can do just 6 things for our rightfully-selfish fellow Singaporeans:


Public funds are not to be used to provide scholarships for foreigners. We have far too many Singaporeans who need it more than them and many of these foreigners are totally ungrateful. Our Singaporean sons are already disadvantaged with 2 years serving the nation and 10 cycles of reservists.


Singaporeans who have served minimum 2 years of national service are entitled to a 1-2 bedroom flat up to the age of 30, for which they can’t sell, or rent out. Once, they get married and purchase a bigger HDB, this flat is repossessed for other ORD personnel. I know this seemed an impossible task but I strongly believe this is the best solution, promotes independence, maturity, enhancement and enrichment of the lives of young individuals trying to start a family. Potential birth rate solution and encourages our men and women to willingly volunteer to serve the country without financial doubts.


With the above, you can then have the option to abolish conscription and enable a more efficient and motivated army. Or you can have 3 months basic training for all and volunteers opting for a further 2 years. These soldiers also have free or better subsidies and priorities in tertiary and postgraduate education. Many countries including CHINA are doing this.

You have cheap labour to build HDBs, fast. I am sure if you don’t import too many foreigners into Singapore, soon we will have plenty of 1-bedroom condominiums and other HDB rooms available for rent. The statistics are there, over-supply of condominiums soon. For the time being, the government can temporary contract / subsidize these shoebox units until new HDB units are ready to house our patriots!

Some may criticize it as an expensive operation. But I beg to disagree, when you abolish or significantly shorten mandatory conscription, you save alot on those who eventually don’t serve. This policy also helps owners too. Owners who face a reduced rental demand when you restrict foreigners, can turn to young Singaporeans who are subsidized for renting of rooms, i.e. subsidize $400-500 per month until new HDBs are built to house them.


The government land sales programme should be reviewed. The monies received are put into reserves? then once shopping centres built, rental and products sold reflect the high land prices. What’s the point then? We citizens do not benefit at all in the end. The government must look for a way to reduce start-up costs to promote local entrepreneurship. That’s job creation!

HDB prices:

2-bedroom should not be over $70k

3-room should not be over $160k

4-room should not be over $220k

5-room should be over $320K

A price review is necessary every 3 years. Transparency ensured, all stakeholders included in the review. When you have transparency, we can come to a realistic and consistent pricing. Land costs removed in the factoring because essentially we citizens belong to the land and the land belong to us.


I am sure SMRT and SBS cannot solve this: Every married couples with children below 18 years (eligible driving age) or with at least 1 elderly or disabled dependent, do not need to pay COE, charges and initial taxes, essentially entitled to buy a salon car or max MPV based on a quota set, i.e. 60% of the total quota available. They must not own more than 1 house/flat and once all children reach 18 years old, the entitlement lapses in 6 months. Balloting is used for selection and those with more dependents have more priority. Each family nucleus can have a maximum of 1 COE-free car and not allowed to get more than 1 unless they give up the entitlement. This is fair I reckon because this will encourage more foreigners (including PR) to convert to citizens. How about those who can’t or don’t want children? You still have the elderly dependents option or get a car from the open market.


More budget should be allocated to healthcare. Build modern retirement villages equipped with rest and recreation facilities.

We need more doctors right? Please then invest in more medical training facilities and enroll more locals whom I am sure many aspire to be doctors.

Besides, I’ve realized cost of medicine and equipments are spiraling out of control. I always compare prices with neighbouring countries, i.e. Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. Our prices are always 3-5x more expensive. How come? Price transparency and restrictions should be enforced. Else market manipulation will always occur. i.e. N95 masks must never be overpriced.

Employment practices

We are living in a first world nation now. The PMET sector should adequately represented by unions and legally empowered for rights and collective bargaining opportunities. Your top-down tripartite partnership is skewed towards the top and if I may, partisan. Employment problems are evident and aplenty. Workers’ exploitation are rampant here! You know it! Do something!

Some may call me a coward. I have always been afraid of revealing my identity after writing on anti and pro-establishment topics. Basically I was pretty disillusioned and negative about it. Then again, I am essentially complaining about life, about things I couldn’t control. And most probably, that’s non of my business. But if I allow ignorance get in the way, I am simply selfish! A fool! The elites may accuse me of being unfair to them by posting subjective, pro-Singaporeans, anti-business comments because I haven’t seen the bigger picture or taken everyone into consideration.

“Why don’t you do the job instead? Do you think its that easy? We have so many factors to consider before making any policy changes! Heck, what do you know about policy making, what do you know about governance and urban management?” A minister might say to me.

“I have a boss too, you know? I can’t simply just do things as I wish. If you are the manpower minister, do you dare enforce 50-60% Singaporeans hiring quota for the PMET sector without considering the fact that many companies will close down and shift out? What about Singaporeans who own businesses and pay more taxes? Aren’t they doing more to contribute to the country compared to your free-will writings?”

However, I stand by my ideas and principles. I am neither disrespecting nor impeding you, my honourable minister! In fact, I am trying to put myself in your shoes, you are who we look up to. Writing is my freedom, my comments and feedback could be subjective but its relevant and rational. I do have stupid, negative and agenda driven feedbacks too, and I ignore them. But, I am sure you have the manpower to sieve out irrational feedbacks for you.

The world has changed, globalized and information efficient. You have embraced it first before us. This is the new normal.

Singaporean Men and Women, Who’s the problem?

Problems local Men and Women faced, a man’s perspective.

In response to what that NUS girl said:

Frankly, true love is hard to achieve and/or hard to define. I am trying to explain it as a married man’s perspective. In my write-up, I shall focus on materialism and its correlation with finding true love, as in marriage as a philosophical target. I assume that local men and women have the average courtship skill-set. My approach is qualitative, and based on my experiences.

Many of my friends in my age band i.e. 25 to 33 yrs old aren’t married. All are Singaporeans. Why?  Of course there are many aspects impacting our local man and women, i.e.  The social, political (i.e blaming the government policies), economical, status, race and religion aspects. I will attempt to decipher every aspect of it.

Your Situation:


You are an NUS girl, full of potential, grace and perhaps suitors. I don’t know much on your boyfriend’s background so I assume he is of the same status as you, an NUS hunk!

As a student, I don’t think he has the means to get you somewhere high-class as opposed to Sushi Tei and get you something more expensive like a purse or handbag on his own unless he is from a well-to-do family.  Frankly, you are right, a card is nothing. He should get you a gift from the gift shop.

The problem with young local men

The well-to-do boys

Let’s talk about a typical well educated local man. “Why are they like that?” you girls might ask.

Those who are well-to-do are gradually increasing and they can’t help it, young men want to show off a bit. Some are immature, they think driving their dad’s car, going to hip places and spending their parent’s money buying LV bags for their girlfriends make them look good. I am not saying all are immature, a few of them are actually born with a silver spoon, and it’s a norm for them to chiong high-end only. NUS girl, you may want to shop in this department instead. Of course, tough luck, competition is very intensive. You may question why are rich boys increasing? Let’s look at the number of rich people in Singapore and the rich-poor gap. Its more defined now as compared to the past.

The poor boy

Okay, now let’s turn to the chronic ‘poor-local-boy’ syndrome. Many are trying to act like rich boys, working part-time, trying to save as much as possible or ripping off from their poor dads etc, so that they can actually do something great or influential like buying a LV wallet for themselves or dress up looking cool or buying gifts for a girl he fancies. There are many other instances and the basis to these actions are to show-off, gain recognition, be part of a group, be someone interesting and showing off to girls.

The aloof and unrealistic!

There are also boys who are thrifty and seek glory elsewhere in gaming, playing sports or just plain stingy. I have two younger brothers in the late teens and early twenties. For my late-teen bro, he is an avid gamer, it will be a few years till he matures and divert attention to girls. As for my early twenties bro, I believe he had matured long time ago due to my bullying and guidance, setting examples on my share of social adventures and failed relationships. I was a poor-local-boy trying hard to peacock my way into a girl’s heart and/or skirt. I must admit, I was a bad example. However, he’s still unattached because he’s short (162cm), not a standout and not very much a peacock(show-off to girls)! I have told him to lower his expectations and look elsewhere, he refused. He prefers to shop local.

“Why? Are you Xenophobic?” I asked.

“Well, since childhood, I’ve only mixed around with local girls, and naturally my dream girl is an average local next-door neighbour!” He replied. “Its not that foreigners are inferior, its just that I have never seen them lest mix around with them at all. How do I know? Bro, you’ve got a Vietnamese wife, beautiful and intelligent, but it took a hell lot of time to understand each other’s traditions, culture as well as the induced habits. You may find it interesting but I just want to find a girl who can click with me and understand me with the ‘local’ mindset without going through the hassles and barriers of cultural differences. I am not seeking interesting or complementing differences. I am just seeking someone similar to me.”

“Goodluck bro! or Fat hope haha, 你为了一批树放弃了整个森林呀!(giving up the whole forest for the few trees)”

Well, many will say, love CANNOT be measured by status, money and flaunting coolness and money again. Young boys being men, it will take time before the mindsets mature, then its a whole new game plan for courtship.

Problems with maturity and independence

Social and Political aspects

You see local men are subjected to a fair bit of limitations and thus criticisms. You see most men live with their parents well to their 30s till he can get his own apartment. You have to applaud the government for that privilege. I have many foreign friends in our age band, most move out of their parents in the late teens (to the boarding school in the city) and move around independently. They start driving at the age of 16 or 18. All my relatives from Malaysia and all my friends from China, Australia, Korea, Bangladesh and even Nepal are independent at a young age. They either have no choice but to move because of work / education or it’s a norm. There are many pros learning to be independent. But bloody hell, you CANNOT expect a SINGAPOREAN SON to move out of the parent’s Choa Chu Kang flat and shift to a $600-700 rental room at Bukit Batok and expect him to be able to study and work at the same time. I can imagine mummy saying “heh son, take MRT to my house and have dinner at home before you take MRT go home ok?” How convenient and yet inconvenient! Its meaningless. Do also note that our education system is a time consuming pressure cooker.

Some say Singapore is small and convenient, you don’t need a car, SMRT and SBS are your best friends. Overseas, country big, no choice, car cheap, drive. Our foreigner friends have the freedom to go places, road trips, adventure, see things, drive their girls around, go romantic places, watch sunset. Whereas in Singapore:

“Dad, can I borrow your car today? I need to move some equipment to Pasir Ris chalet and BBQ there with my friends. I will fetch some of them from here at CCK.”

“Take MRT lah, petrol expensive nowadays.”

“Dad, very heavy lah, the equipment and I also have to fetch my gf there, I agree with her to take your car already.”

“Ok son, here’s the car key and $50, help me fill up the tank before you go ok?”

Usually I would pump $20 and keep $30 for pocket money haha!

So, if you take SMRT and SBS, for the load you are taking and hassles changing stations and stops, it will take about 2 hours to get there from CCK to Pasir Ris, standing. Singapore transport ‘Boleh’ lah !(‘can do’)

Therefore, some girls complain their boyfriend cheapskate, no money but take MRT or buses to gatherings or take her friend’s bf’s car there instead. Si beh lose face sia, my bf. Go home even worse, no bus no MRT, take taxi must share costs.

hopeless romantic

Where is the room for our local boys to grow? Where is the space for independence? In many countries, the house is BIG!!! Friends can come over and have BBQ and fun at the house. By night, they could drive down to the pubs for beers or the roti prata store for supper. I experienced this in Malaysia, with my relatives. Then again, Singapore is small and expensive, can’t help it.

Conditions for Singles buying a HDB:

My dad will cut in and comment, “heh son, in my days, car is cheap, but I am also poor, so I used the company’s pick-up and drove your mum to East Coast park for a swim, fishing and picnic. Don’t need to spend so much in Orchard road lah”

“Dad, my gf hates the sun, and besides, now East Coast Park, can’t swim, nothing to see and abit dangerous leh, a lot of homeless and foreign workers there, not safe to ton overnight. Shopping is her preference also.”

You see, we have also become daddy’s or mummy’s boy. We regularly communicate with our parents and live off them (the car and living expenses till graduation) throughout our adulthood. They are constantly watching. Can’t help it though, we live together under one roof, they would also nag at us. That’s even after national service. Soldiers revert back to ‘convenient dependency’ when they come back to their comfortable homes, with food prepared, washed laundry and pocket money.  

My wife was surprised that I have to seek advice or ask permission when we first bought our HDB. She was also surprised that I regularly inform my parents on major decisions, i.e. jobs or going overseas for holidays or when I am considerably sick. Well, to us it seems normal and respectful, but to them, the foreigners who have years of experience living on their own, we seem a little more dependent on our families for help and advice.

Older, mature men

Well, perhaps they have much more maturity in them. The work and life experiences have already prep them for the future. Its harder to change their mindsets and most know what they want. Money, they have, girlfriends, they know where to find. If you choose them, perhaps you have to get used to them. If they are cheapskate, don’t expect them to change. If they are fat, perhaps they will get fatter in middle age.

Usually by this age, the few good men are harder to catch. They are usually attached, engaged, or if not, may be some don’t believe in marriage or have serious behavioural issues women don’t like. 

sexy ugly

Men and women: Our irrational expectations


Okay, now you have competition. Statistics show a high level of cross-nationality marriage (Singapore).

Behold, some men think they (foreigners) are prettier, curvy, sexy, demure, all the desired characteristics of the girl they want to marry. Perhaps, they are easier target to attain. Don’t be offended local girls, the trend is there, but if you are pretty, I am sure you won’t face any suitors’ supply shortage. Traditionally, beautiful local women are very desirable by both local and foreign ‘Bobby Tonelli’ types. The statistics apply to women too. Men in general, are visual creatures. You see some local men have stupid and unrealistic expectations; they would go for the better ones and never try for others on the shelves. My brother and some friends are examples, height below 170cm, prefer the challenge of local women but, gear towards long legs, demure, cute types and can still look average.  HUH??? Average looks but cute, tall and demure? I have reasons to believe they have watched too much movies with beautiful women or porn.

bobby and joanne

dating jerks

Besides, where is the space and room for advanced courtships? Like sex? Oh heh pre-martial sex is frowned upon in our society. We should wait till we get married or engaged at the very least.

“I will report you to the police and you shall be charged a rapist ok! Don’t play play ah.” The protective parents will say that to their daughter’s prospective boyfriends.

If the prospective boyfriends are tall ‘handsome’ angmoh, wha some mums would dare to say this to their daughters, “heh girl, very good job leh, don’t marry guys like papa okay? All the best, go out with him and don’t come home tonight!”

Left on the shelves… what happened???

Local men and women left on the shelves face some problems like parents pressuring them to find a boyfriend and get married asap. For men, we have a solution, you can go to a marriage agency to buy a bride.  For women, its more complicated, they could depend on dating websites or match-making agencies. The stigma is still there for attending match-making events still at its infancy (compared to western nations). Plastic surgery is an option and gradually accepted in Singapore. However, why would you go for it? “Just to look good and attract my men? NO WAY! My ego doesn’t allow it.”

Then, we discovered some solutions:

Yes, its make-up! The schools don’t teach you that because its social stereotyping and we should leave it to the parents instead. BUT, why do I have to look like them, especially those typical stereotypes to attract men??? NO WAY! IF YOU LOVE ME, LOVE ME FOR WHO I AM, WHAT I LOOK LIKE, LOOKS DON’T LAST, LOVE DOES!


I am sure there is one in a hundred men who don’t go for looks. That’s assuming they are not homosexuals. Even many homosexuals go for looks. All I could say is good luck to you. Good Game!

I couldn’t imagine mums and dads teaching their children these:

“Eh, my son(daughter), dress nicer ah before you go out today, attract more girls (boys) home okay? I let you use my master bedroom!”

“Ok girl, let mummy teach you how to kio (catch/hook up) men, ok? Firstly, make-up like this, dress sexy, go for the kill, test him, play hard to get first but leave some skin for the hook!”

“Boy, your father was once a master pick-up artist, pioneer batch, I shall impart some skills to you. Firstly, Peacock theory, dress to kill, stop talking, let the girl talk, you listen and sympathize, no need to provide solutions. Lastly, move her to another location which both of you can be alone. Don’t ask her where she wants to go, just say, let’s go there. Remember son, take the lead.”

That’s almost impossible, but the following are (from 21 to late 20s):

“eh, girrrl, why you use my lipstick!”

“Why you put so much make-up today, and you dress so little, look so HIAO (overly sexy) for what? And now what time already? Still go out for what?”

“Boy ah, go out for what?  Tomorrow you still have school lah, you want to fail exams issit? Fail already don’t bother to come home ah, cut off your pocket money!”

“Boy(girl), what do you see in this girl(boy)? School is more important, there is still time, there is still plenty of opportunities after graduation in the workplace.”

After 30:

“My dear daughter, you are soooo busy nowadays, hardly get to see you, we are kinda worried about you leh, you know there is much more to life than work. Money not important lah… come take a look at some pictures… you see the details, aerospace engineer leh, or this one, colorectal surgeon! Wha heh this one got potential leh… potential MP grade”

“My dear son, we have brought you up well, you know… its time to repay us…”

“Mum, don’t worry, I give you $1200 per month already not enough meh?”

“Son, noooooo, you’ve misunderstood, I mean its time to have children, we don’t need your money, we still have plenty, but you know we are old already, quite boring and restless, we will die early if we don’t find anything to do. With a grandchild, I am sure I can help you take care, no need to worry! You know ah, all your cousin and nieces are married and have children already… look the grandparents are soooo happy”

“Mum, I don’t even have a girlfriend, besides its not easy to find these days”

“Are you free tomorrow? I bring you to my very good friend’s house, we pay a visit to her daughter ok? Just heard she broke up with her ang moh bf leh, she complain he very 花心(flirt) and prefers local guys now. Don’t worry, she’s your age, ready to settle down.”

The others

Nowadays, our open society is getting more complicated. We have issues like Foreign nationals with the sole target of hooking up with retirees with plenty of CPF monies. Some call it 第二春!(The second coming). The old muddleheaded men would divorce their wives and marry these 乌鸦(crows)!My friend’s parents got caught in it. If my dad goes for it, I would personally castrate him and expose the crow online, offline, everywhere. (just a threat but the latter is true)

Lastly, living in a westernized country like Australia, their society is an eye opener for me. Too promiscuous, freedom of expression and desires hold true. My wife told me most of her angmoh colleagues have marital issues. Its either divorced or separated. Her 53 year old married lady colleague openly told her that she meets another man for sex every Friday or Saturday, no strings attached. Her husband had another girlfriend until he got cancer.

You won’t believe it, 41% of the marriages <10years end up in divorce:


Our country is increasingly being westernized and globalized, some trends are inevitable. Our local cultures and traditions are too weak to withstand such pressures especially when we have mass immigration policies in place for 6.9m population by 2030. Its either we go with it or out of the market. I am sure the single, old and lone elderly will be well taken care of by our government, fingers-crossed.

The debate on money and democracy.

Some commenter embarked on a ideological debate about money and democracy with me from my previous post. I entertained him.

“All we eventually hope for is the elimination of money and where people can live free without constraints. Fantasy!”

Wake Up Call says:

There is only PRO MONEY(name me a political party that is not pro money?). Winners take all, losers(majority) eat crumbs or die quietly and willingly(deceived).

Property investments generate most wealth(or money) for everybody. Money(power to spend or consume) helps to sustain jobs.

Kill the property market( sales and rental yields), inevitably you kill a huge source of money to sustain businesses and your precious…jobs!

No jobs, no money(vicious cycle) and hence your wives and daughters have to prostitute themselves to the winners.

Only idiots think that by going to the poll, things will change for the better.


cowpeh! says:

Only idiots like you and those brainwashed in north korea think democracy is dead.

you are just plain foolish. We’ll see.


Wake Up Call says:

Unlike many of your fellow bloggers who are hypocrites or elitist, you at least practice what you preached (“democracy”) by publishing my comment( politically and even grammatically incorrect tirades).

Ask yourself honestly. What’s the use of democracy when the majority of the people(including elites/leaders) are PRO MONEY? What’s the use of going to the poll when money talks at the end of the day?

Money rules and the reason why economy imperatives demand your worship or else….death!


cowpeh! says:

I like this ideological debate, pardon me for my emotional jibe on you.

Well, nobody knows the future. Money is not a cure to all needs lest evil.

The use of democracy represents a tool for change. Change is inevitable. I didn’t say greed won’t or will be eliminated through democracy but I know for sure, our voice can be represented, our lives and security can be protected. Amid such uncertainty, if it applies to you, won’t you desire change? A change for the better? for certainty.

The concept of money as a means of trade is corrupted by our imagination. look at the world’s debt… its imaginary, all but just an obligation. Its an inherent flaw nature is seeking to eliminate.

My ideological goal is to remove the leadership and replace with one that is effective in my favour (or Singaporeans). Greed at play. I am very sure our current government should be doing things that favours you.

The basis of nationhood is securing the people living in the designated land and protecting all its citizens, young and old. The government today is selective and unpopular. the population white paper is the last straw without adequate infrastructure and public services to justify the means. We should better our infrastructure and public services before pushing for the induction of PWP at parliament. Not even a referendum is called. Its more than unconstitutional, if I may put it.

As for you, thank you for reading my blog, glad it invoked your urge to comment. Yes, money rules, but, you shall never forget, “the hills have eyes”. (We are watching!)

Last but not least, death is imperative, fear is what we are being governed now. Break free is what I seek.

Live free and die hard.