Pro oppositions will support PAP come 2016. We’ve only just begun!

We’ve only just begun! 

What made you, will eventually break you. If you think we are walking on a bed of roses come 2016, I suggest you test your resolve. Read on!


What are you made of?

“Jobs, your business, home, family, love, happiness, hatred, your ego, faith and wisdom, etc.”

Did I miss out something? Yes, GREED. You have it, I have it, nothing wrong.

Our leadership has driven us far beyond the road to redemption, perhaps. The following scenarios are worst case scenarios, but then again, are you prepared to take it on if it happens? I am writing this so that come 2016, we are aware of our weakness, something can be done to curb the potential disasters.

Your home – The Achilles heel.

If you own a property in Singapore and you’re old and planning to retire elsewhere, come 2016, you find your property price sink… i.e. 100-200K. Perhaps its time to vote PAP and their policies such as the population white paper such that HDB prices go back up again. Why? such that someone will buy your property. Even if the policy flaws are omnipresent, at least you can escape elsewhere for your retirement. Let’s take the alternative, opposition voted in, pro-PAP civil service becomes unstable, jobs becomes hard to come by, will you be safe living among the 5-6 million population congestion? Inflation may spiral out of control with so many people here. Of course very soon, you will see a mass exodus of foreigners and locals after uncertainty wreak havoc in the economy while you find you CPF investments evaporate into thin air. Who knows if they are still around now? We will find out soon if opposition takes control.

If you are a younger person with a mortgaged property Since 2008. You better watch out. The government has introduced measures to curb lending, buying and selling of properties. Personally, I feel good about it. But wait… if prices dip below my mortgage, (due over supply of condominiums and HDBs and lack of demand) what’s gonna happen???

Behold, if your loans are not from HDB, then expect a call from them asking you to top up the difference! “Margin call” i.e. $800,000 outstanding and your property price dips to $700,000. You are expected to pay down your loan by $100,000 immediately. Wait, there is another catch, when economy becomes bad interest rates are likely to spike, i.e. 6-8% Why? look if I am the bank you are the business, the risk of doing business increases, would I be so forthcoming lending you money at generous rates (risk-returns tradeoff concept).

May be there is a way, the newly formed government (PAP ousted) can remove the curbs and allow the rich and foreigners to buy again, thus increasing your property prices again. However, I don’t think its easy because investors will take time trusting the new government again. Uncertainty is still there. Before elections in 2016, PAP could remove the curbs, thus becoming almighty people’s saviour, gaining popularity among those who own properties, a relief for their rental yields and rising sale prices.

Just some time ago, property agents sell properties on the assumption that rental yields are somehow guaranteed with the only basis that today’s rental yields are good. If your investment property aren’t giving you sufficient yields or becomes vacant for more than 6 months, won’t you want more FTs/immigrants into Singapore to sustain your rental yields? So the question is how many Singaporeans own investment properties? how many of them can sustain without yields or when they lose their jobs. Imagine a change of government, PAP is out, uncertainty creeps in, sabotage from pro-PAPs, investments halted, jobs down, food prices up, a perfectly bad situation which is unlikely but possible. Are you afraid? Do you fear the unknown?

I have an idea, you know what? I can shift out of my current house and move back to my parents. Rent out the current house. May be everyone’s doing it, and suddenly, you find rental yields dip or no takers due to massive increase in rental supply. The PWP wouldn’t be such a bad idea isn’t it?

There you go, how many of you are brave enough to withstand economic hardships along with your loved ones?

How many of you don’t want to see your life investments (property) come down like a Miley Cyrus, oops, I mean wreaking ball?

Are you ready to take a leap of faith?

Worry not, We’ve only just begun.

How about those who don’t own anything in Singapore?

Good job! you can start to buy properties come 2016 at a cheaper price. But do you have a well-paid job or any job / money making business at all? Some well get lucky, some won’t.

There is still about 3 years before the next election. Our reserves from taxes are seemingly aplenty, whether its used to fill the hole from GIC and Temasek’s bad investments or kept in MAS, we, the people have no numbers, no answers, no transparency.

Personally, I am certain PAP won’t lose power come 2016, perhaps we will yield to greed (generous give-outs before elections), or perhaps due to fear of uncertainty, nobody wants a disaster. But then again, who says the opposition are incapable? WP looks on course but none of the MPs have ever taken a ministerial position yet. There is also no guarantee that the pro-PAP executives running the ministry will yield to the opposition?

As of now, I am willing to give WP and other capable opposition parties a chance to bring change. I am a firm believer of a multi-party system but our resolve will be tested. But I am only one vote. The wisdom and faith of our fellow Singaporean have to be counted too. Nobody knows exactly come what may in the next 3-5 years. By then, we could have 500,000 new citizens since 2011. Social welfare could have improved by then thus converting to favourable votes.

Don’t be discouraged, We’ve only just begun!

Good luck and all the best to those who are trying hard to make Singapore a better place to Singaporeans. I just hope that our families can grow old and retire happily back at home. I don’t mean to be so negative, I am just pondering the ‘what-ifs’

Last words:


We’ve Only Just Begun Lyrics

We’ve only just begun to live
White lace and promises
A kiss for luck and we’re on our way
We’ve only begun

Before the risin’ sun, we fly
So many roads to choose
We’ll start out walkin’ and learn to run
And yes, we’ve just begun

Sharing horizons that are new to us
Watching the signs along the way
Talkin’ it over, just the two of us
Workin’ together day to day, together

And when the evening comes, we smile

So much of life ahead
We’ll find a place where there’s room to grow
And yes, we’ve just begun

Sharing horizons that are new to us
Watching the signs along the way
Talkin’ it over, just the two of us
Workin’ together day to day, together, together

And when the evening comes, we smile
So much of life ahead
We’ll find a place where there’s room to grow
And yes, we’ve just begun


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