OMG! What have we become??? Where is the national pride? I want them OUT!

I was browsing through a US website and found out that immigrant Americans of different ethnicity and descent proudly promote their native heritage and culture as well as being proud and patriotic being US citizens!

For example, US Citizens with Mexican heritage promote their food and culture in the television networks. Native Costa Ricans, Jamaicans, you name it. They are very well received by the nation.

These people are proud of their adopted country and mostly have no plans to return.

But of course, racism and discrimination still exist but I reckon the level of mutual respect is still there.

So what’s wrong with us, Singaporeans? Can’t we be more tolerant of other nationalities, i.e. the Filipinos, Chinese nationals, Bangladeshis etc and allow them to congregate and practice their own language and culture in our home soil?

Singaporeans’ sense of identity, pride and patriotism have taken a nose dive once that Population White paper took effect. Previously from 2009 – end of 2011, when I see Pinoys congregating at our neighbourhood, I would smile at them and even chat up with some of them. They are a friendly bunch and usually put on a smile. I have no issues with them and even until now I am ok with them. I am still pondering, why did we become Xenophobic? Instinctively, I signed the petition to revoke that Pinoy chef’s work pass and later regretted it. That “La Fondue” incident, I think its blown out of proportion. Imagine you live in UK or Australia and you are an employer, would you prefer to hire your own race or nationality? Think deep into your hearts, yes you would. Its natural isn’t it? Hiring someone you are familiar with. Somehow, I feel he is being victimized. He hasn’t killed anyone or committed any crime which justify his repatriation.


Why did my ego and pride sunk so low to take it out on that innocent man? Picking on the foreigners? I am still searching for answers…

Here are some plausible reasons:


  1.  Income tax, paid thousands per year, ranging from 6% – 20% depending on your salary bracket.  let’s take the minimum 6%
  2. GST amounting to thousands per year, makes sense actually, take your annual salary minus what you saved at the end of the year and multiply by 7%, what do you get?  i.e. $25000 spent per year on daily expenses multiply by 7% = $1750.
  3. And then you have high inflation affecting housing, food and transport prices – 5% (reported) too many people already… you raise prices people also no choice have to buy food and housing. The 5% is not part of the GST.
  4. Real income diminishing due to the CHEAPER BETTER FASTER PRINCIPLE (CBF) by MR LIM SWEE SAY. (Will I get defamation suit if I mention his name?) There is no statistics on real diminishing income so I assume 1% to be fair.
  5. More time wasting on travel, queuing and waiting for stuff… too many people using public transport. Using the time value of money principle, time could be used for more productive purpose. I give it a 1% discount rate opportunity costs.
  6. Fines and other expense increases – paying fines, summons and fees in Singapore is part and parcel of life in Singapore. Some may disagree because they don’t own a car or motorbike. even if you don’t own a car and you regularly take public transport, sometimes you still take a cab when you are in a rush etc. In a way, like what Mr Ngiam said, every child and non workers are taxed. I have to support my wife and kids blah blah. I give it another 5%.
  7. CPF – Assume you are not going to get your money back due to the minimum sum scheme, so the money is not yours, 20% contribution to the fund. So that money is used for your welfare, HDB mortgage, hospitalization and medical bills in future. In other words, call it a welfare tax. And you have opportunity costs as well. With the money I could have bought a house in Vietnam and get 10% rental yield or buy stocks. So let’s say you can earn 5.5% opportunity cost less 2.5% CPF interest. 3%.
  8. All in all,  you add up all the numbers: CPF 20%, CPF opportunity costs 3%, fines and other expenses 5%, waiting opportunity cost 1%, income diminishing 1%, inflation on food and housing 5%, GST 7%, income tax 6% = 48% overall tax!!! Well, it could be lesser depending on individuals but that’s my prediction. So are you satisfied with the welfare and promised opportunities you are getting back? Given that the government has made the country so profitable with their casinos, GIC and Temasek??? FAT HOPE!!


There are lots of things to forgo living in Singapore, you can’t aspire to own a car, enjoy bigger space housing, lack of outdoors sport amenities I.e. Try go to a public swimming pool any day, no space to swim; pinoys occupying the basketball court refusing to play together with other races etc. The effort to integrate isn’t there as well. In addition, we young people are too busy working, no time to start a family and have kids. Now living in Australia, i really felt a breather.

Parents living in Singapore

i am worried for them, how are they going to retire when their savings and retirement CPF is barely enough to support our university education, future medical bills (keep rising and rising), and the space for them to retire??? I hate it when Khaw Boon Wan talked about JB old folks home. Our elders worked their blood sweat and tears to build Singapore just for the benefit of foreigners and the exclusive rich??? Imagine your dad was one of the construction workers building NUS or NTU many many years back. He could be thinking, “Well my sons and daughters are going to be educated here” FAT HOPE!!!


I felt it! Those aged between 20 – 40, are constantly being blamed for the LACK of talent , NOT producing enough, and not doing enough… DUH! We didn’t have the opportunity! You the policy makers set out the stressful conditions for us. And then use us to justify your need for TOO MUCH FOREIGNER INTAKE!

Stress and work

We Singaporeans work the longest and hardest in the world. Now that I am in Australia, I know it’s true.

public transport

you told us to forget about getting a car, and then you screw us up with the public transport. Recently, I thought things have become better because of increased buses… Then I got this, see link below:

its ok that I have left Singapore… But how about my parents and brothers? They are still suffering! I hope govt realize what they have done and change!



  1. oldbread · October 16, 2013

    Well actually that’s a major point of contention in the states.
    It takes at least two generations before such tribal mentality is diluted. In meantime “locals” have to deal with a group who’s interests are vastly different from theirs

    You can’t promote hatred on cultural websites and get away with it.
    But socially Mexicans demand rights due to “natives” as birthrights. Bring crime over. Feel that Texas belong to Mexico.
    It’s actually somewhat like Singapore over there except being very PC, no one wants to be the one to bring it up.
    But notice how hardliners on immigrants get a lot of popular vote? We’re not just talking about politicians but law enforcement as well.

    Singapore’s problems aren’t unique, and no, no where else on earth are immigrants accepted , merely torlerated until someone finds an excuse to bash them. Humans are territorial. The honkies despite being of a same color as the mainland Chinese, same country to boot. Aren’t that, friendly towards them. We’ve seen footage on YouTube of hongkies calling mainland tourist, locusts

    In comparison to the rest of the world, Singaporeans are actually extremely docile and tolerant.


  2. oldbread · October 16, 2013

    As for the “hatred” of foreigners here

    It is one thing to have friends of different nationalities. Another to support them over your own.
    I have friends here who aren’t Singaporean. But when national issues come into play, you can jolly well gtfo if you think you can bring your own domestic politics here like the last Malaysian elections.

    They just need a place to work and earn money, we provide that. But when it comes to politics more and more Singaporeans aren’t too happy with PAP but Malaysians, in general, would prefer PAP to remain in power. But when it’s their own politics they hate it when Singaporeans benefit from umno.

    Filipinos as well. Their cultural identity is much stronger than ours. And a major point of contention is they simply do not integrate . They don’t have to. They have the numbers here. And when you read what they post, they firmly believe in equal rights, why? Because Singaporeans are docile, tame. And dumb farks like to talk about humanity with them ignoring the fact, firstly Filipinos do not enjoy basic rights in Philippines where powerful families rule. Secondly they don’t buy the equal rights thing once they’re entrenched. They create oligarchies here. And then try to gain more. Circumvent the law.

    The Bangladeshis you see here are indentured labour, not reflective of their society. Already witnessed, is how they commit crimes here once they think they can get away with it. Have you forgotten the near rape case where the drunk young lady was saved by a Malay macik? The groping cases at foam parties? They shoot and knife people and leave you for dead back home.

    We need foreigners yes, we can even accept them among us.
    But it’s strictly by our own terms. Not theirs. Equality in protection by the law. And no more
    Anyone who argue otherwise should be hung as a traitor


  3. R.P. · October 17, 2013

    I also want to be a quitter liao…just looking for the right place, and build savings…


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