The 10 days in Australia, the suburbs



kia 320130609-112012.jpg


It’s almost 10 days in Australia. Staying at the suburbs and living very comfortably. You have big spaces, front and back yard, car ports and lots of time. It’s normal to sleep at 8 or 9pm. We don’t do as many things as we do in Singapore in a day. Well, this is prime for me to get on to something… Just that I have yet to adapt to the life here. The food auntie cook is v good but the Asian food in shopping centres taste nothing like food. Eating out is expensive considering that you are on a budget now. Then again there are good restaurants here, but its quite a distance away.
The weather is good here. Imagine that you are in a air conditioned room and the air is fresher. That’s the weather here.

Lastly, the people are very friendly and polite. Life’s good for them, no stress. I have yet to experience any racism. My aunt said 70% of the people are v nice but the other 30% aren’t. She said the other 30% includes her own nationality. As for me, I know what to do when interacting with the locals, just be polite and always put on a smile. Australians know real Singaporeans are very polite, friendly, helpful and adaptable bunch. We are taught in schools to be gracious and in all other positive manners and behaviors.

I know many people say Asians are second class citizens here… But I’ve felt worse in Singapore… How people treated my wife and how things can go against you when the gahmen says that’s for the best of our nation. Then again, I can’t fault them too much, that’s life isn’t it? I just have to be very rich and Singapore will be my playground.




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