A$6490 for a 2006 KIA Cerato, 2nd owner, good condition and honest dealer!

I paid A$6490 for this car and another $538 for yearly comprehensive car insurance from Allianz. It took me a few days research to get this bargain. I have to travel all the way down to Gold Coast from ipswich to get it. 1hr 30min journey.

kia car 2

Everything has its pros and cons. Lets start with the cons:

1. When shifting gears from 2 to 3, the car gives a small jerk… Dunno what’s going on there but will call dealer later

2. The dealer has an attitude. It’s his yard and his car, live by his rules.

3. Still thinking of one more.


1. Great bargain! Dirt cheap 2L car, good drive good power!

2. The people on the roads are very polite and gracious too!

3. Cheaper fuel. I can find A$1.3-1.5 per litre here which is about Sgd 1.6-1.9 max. I usually get the cheapest one!

4. Lastly, big car… 5 seater with a hatch at the back. Dealer automatically gave me a A$1000 discount because I was nice to him. He thought we were Japanese.

kia car

September Update: Jerk due faulty car electronics. The car’s electronics, gear box and engine belt was replaced. The first 2 was FOC under warranty and I changed the engine belt for A$581.


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