More oppression in Singapore

the shit times news regulating alternative news

The govt is strategizing a way to restrict social media, alternative news and opinions. I am in total disgust and sadden by it.

They claim its fair game and expect us to accept them or let them stuff down our throats.

I pray to god… Are you listening? Is god in favour of human rights? Are we becoming North Korea 2? Are you aware that the old are working very hard for survival, the young are chucked aside, the sick in singapore feel like dying and the middle class are paying non stop?


Last minute hiccups… To do list just before you leave country

For the past month, there wasn’t much to do… The brain is a a very complicated thing… You have to find something to do but not too much… Having a job is too much… Washing the dishes, doing the laundry or cooking is too much… And yet lazing around is frown upon. What should I do?

Wait… There is one thing I forgot to do… Hmmm… There’s more actually as I ponder through my to do list:

1. Get the luggage
2. Things to pack: clothes, toiletries, laptops and accessories, travel documents, money, phone accessories and adaptors
3. Plan my trip: lodging, car rental, air tickets
4. My wife’s stuff: 5x my stuff to pack…
5. Rent out my house
6. Get power of attorney to manage my house and finances
7. Cancel phone and mio tv plans… @&$@);)@;&& locked in for another 1 year… Exorbitant termination fees. I am not using it now as my parents have their own mio tv.

8. Inform my parents to cancel mio plan come July… Mio TV sucks! Mio TV sucks! Mio TV sucks! Mio TV sucks! Mio TV sucks! Phone contracts are due in November and September the following year. You know what Singtel told me? You can suspend your contract at $20 (if I’m not wrong) per month for each line suspension. You will resume your contract when you are back. Headache!!!!!

9. Link all my outstanding credit cards, phone bills, service and conveyance fees to my bank accounts.

10. Can’t think of it yet… But packing and renting out the house can literally kill you… Too many things to do…

Potential racism alert!

I am in the midst of packing up to leave Singapore for Brisbane, Australia. Heard racism will be a problem for me, I don’t know how I’d react as I eventually face it. In Singapore, racism is not directed at me. Can’t be bothered actually because the benefits still outweigh the shit I am facing here in singapore. Perhaps all the hidden shit will reveal itself When i am there. Adapting to the Aussie community and landscape may not be the easiest task after-all.